It was my intention to give monthly updates (or at least align with his doctor’s appointments) on Knox and motherhood, but somehow he is now 8 months old and my last update was at 4 months.  Shameful, I know!  So, without further a do, here is what’s been going on with our little angel.

FKK 5 months

FKK 5 months_2 s

5 months:

Size: We didn’t have a 5 month doctor visit.
Milestones: Knox sat up the day before he turned 6 months old.  I think he just wanted to say he did it before 6 months. 😉 Knox was baptized (seen here).

We traveled to Oregon in March for a mini family vacation and despite getting delayed in Chicago for most the day (our 10am flight turned into a 7pm flight!), Knox was a happy baby.  He was to the age where he wouldn’t just sleep because he was too interested in checking everything and everyone out (I don’t blame him), but I can’t complain too much because he stayed his happy, sweet self throughout the trip.  He did great adjusting to the different time zone going west (he did wake up more in the night, but I would just nurse him back to sleep), but coming back home it took us about a week to get completely back on schedule.

I told you in the last update that we were having trouble with our naps, but after doing a little reading in Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child, I realized I was waiting too late to put him down for the first nap and letting him get over tired.  Once I started putting him down about an hour after he woke up, he went down so easy!  At 5 months Knox was still napping 3x a day: first nap one hour after waking up (usually 7:30 – 8:30), second nap around noon,  and third nap around 4pm.

FKK 6 months_3

FKK 6 months_2 FKK 6 months_1

6 months:

Size: 14 lbs, 13.4 oz
Milestones: starting solids, barrel roll to get where he wants, Mom’s first night away, drinking out of a sippy cup

In April, we spent 3 weeks in Texas with family.  We had several events (a wedding, Easter & a conference) fall back-to-back where it made sense for Knox and I to just stay in Texas while FMK was with us in the middle for Easter.  It was wonderful having all the extra helping hands and seeing Knox with his family.  Knox meet (almost) all the family that we didn’t get to see at Christmas and there was even a little Sip & See in his honor (seen here).

The last weekend we were in town, I had a blog conference in Dallas.  My parents live about 50 miles south of Dallas and kept Knox overnight while I stayed in a hotel.  It was so scary and sad to leave him for the first time (I definitely cried), but I knew he was in good hands.  They brought him up to have lunch with me the next day so I didn’t have to go too long without seeing him.  😉

FKK 7 months_2

FKK 7 months_1 FKK 7 months_3

7 months:

Size: 16 lbs, 14.8 oz
Milestones: first teeth come through (2 bottom)

Something changes around the 6 month mark and everything just gets so much more fun.  Knox giggles, plays peek-a-boo, loves to swing, and has become a little person!  We started music class, which he loves, and now that the weather is (finally) better, we spend most of our free time on a blanket in Battery Park.

Our routine is like clock work now that we haven’t had travel interruptions. On most days he only takes two naps (two hours after waking up and again after lunch, usually around 9am & 1pm).  If he doesn’t fall asleep nursing, I have to lay him in his crib to go down.  If I try to rock or bounce him to sleep he tries to flirt with me to get out of napping.  He will touch my face, smile, and give me hugs and kisses.  I don’t really know if he is smart enough to play me yet, but it sure seems that way.

*We did have a week of waking up every few hours when his bottom teeth came in.  This also happened to be the same week he got his first cold.  Poor little guy.

We took a day trip on Memorial Day to Sea Girt, NJ (seen here).  It was Knox’s first trip to the beach.  He sat on a mat under the umbrella with his toys and was mesmerized watching the waves come in.  It was a comfortable temperature so I didn’t have to worry about him getting too hot which made for a relaxing day in the shade.

FKK 8 months_2

FKK 8 months_4 FKK 8 months_3

8 months:

Size: 18 lbs, 4.4 oz
Milestones: pulling up, rocking on all fours, stands while holding your hand

Trouble is on the horizon, I can feel it.  My days of leaving Knox playing on his mat while I worked, made dinner, got ready for the day are over.  He can’t crawl yet, but he gets around fast in the forms of rolling, scooting & pushing off.  I was out of the room for a few seconds the other day and when I walked back in I couldn’t find him!  He had rolled all the way to the wall and was playing with the curtains – behind the curtains!  I almost had a heart attack.  ha ha!  Needless to say, it is time for me to baby proof but I haven’t done a thing.  Better get busy, fast!

Knox is still a wonderful sleeper.  He goes down at 7:30pm and wakes up between 6:30 – 7:30 am.  He usually takes a one hour nap in the morning (around 9:30am) and a two-hour nap in the afternoon (around 12:30).  This is crucial to my happiness and productivity because when Knox’s head hits the mattress, it is my time to work.  I try to respond to emails, work on blog post, clean the house, etc, etc. in the hours.  Having a good sleeper is a God send!

Baby Led Weaning has been great for us.  We haven’t found a food Knox doesn’t like.  He can feed himself and has quite the appetite!  I am still nursing 4x day and he is eating solids with lunch and dinner.  I have had to supplement with formula when I don’t have enough supply saved for the days that I work out of the home or travel, but Knox hasn’t seemed to notice.

I honestly say this every month, but he just keeps getting more fun (and cuter which I didn’t think was possible)!  I love watching his little personality come to life right before my very eyes.  Lucky for me, he still likes to cuddle, but in the form of quick little hugs and kisses.  Hey, I’ll take what I can get.  Bath time is still a favorite activity. He loves to roll and splash in the water as it is draining.  I think we have a little swimmer on our hands!  I am sure I am forgetting so much since I am so late on the update, but at least I got this much down before I forget it too. 🙂

*As always, I just want to say that being a parent is hard work and I certainly don’t want to make it sounds like it isn’t.   This just  happens to be my dream job, and I feel truly blessed to have Knox and to be fortunate enough to stay at home with him.  I know I usually keep things light and happy on HOUSE of HARPER, but I by no means want to seem like things are always perfect around here, because they certainly aren’t.  We have our hard days and our tired days.  And the days I just can’t seem to get anything done and stay in my pi’s until 6pm for the sole purpose of getting dressed before FMK gets home from work. (ha!)  But, for the most part, the good outshines the bad and I am just happy to be Knox’s momma and FMK’s wife.

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