We are ready to take on the next (and last) renovation project for our home and perhaps the most exciting part for me is the laundry / mudroom! You currently walk through our back door from the garage and enter directly into the kitchen – which means everyone’s things get dumped on our breakfast table. I dream of lockers and proper storage for the kids school bags, athletic gear and even a bed for Rosie (so I can finally get her dog crate out of our way!)

Keep reading below for all my inspiration images and the key design elements that I plan to incorporate into the new space! Also, make sure you are following on Pinterest!

Room for Rosie

Rosie likes to sleep in her dog crate at night or if we are leaving the house for a few hours. The giant crate currently rotates between my home office and our kitchen and it is a sight for sore eyes in both! I would love a built-in dog bed in our laundry room for Rosie to have a comfortable space of her own that is out of the way from our living space.

Hanging Rack for Laundry

Our laundry area is in our existing garage which will be the new laundry room / mudroom / play room. We don’t have a hanging rack for clothes right now and I can’t wait to have a place to hang clothes to dry!

Printed Tile Floor

Plenty of Storage

Our entire house has the same original wood floors throughout – which I love, but I am excited to have a small space to do something more playful and colorful like this fun tile!

I love these two tone cabinets! As you know, I am a sucker for all shades of blue and this color scheme would look so pretty of our kitchen with the navy island.

A Dutch Door

I have always wanted a dutch door in our home! I am saving this as inspiration for the door to the playroom!

Open Lockers + a Bench

For the area closest to the door, I want a locker situation with hooks and cubbies for everyone in the family. I love the idea of a bench seating nook, as well. I can’t wait to have a proper place for everyone to drop their belongings when they walk in the door.

I would love to hear what you would change next in your own home? A master bath renovation, a bigger closet, a mudroom off your entry? Share in the comments below!