cuddle time with dad

~ cuddle time with Dad ~

I am so excited and relieved to share that we are finally home as a family with our sweet boy, Frederick “Knox” Knapp! Thank you for all your kind words over social media this past week, it was so encouraging when I was feeling overwhelmed to read your messages. Thank you.

For those of you just checking in, my water broke Friday morning (at 34 weeks) and Knox arrived at 12:05am Saturday morning, weighing in at 5 lbs and 8 oz.  Despite his early arrival, his lungs were fully developed and he has impressed us all everyday.

Knox spent 7 days in the NICU where they monitored his progress.  We were blessed that he never needed assistance breathing or a feeding tube.  His biggest hurdles were maintaining his own body temperature outside of the isolette and gaining weight before he could come home.  He is eating great and back up to his birth weight.  We are so in love and enjoying every minute of having him at home with us!

Here are a few of my favorite pictures that I took in the NICU of our sweet boy…

`tummy time

~ The NICU spoils them and let’s them sleep on their tummy sometimes (since they are on monitors and watched 24/7).  (Don’t worry, he is only sleeping on his back now that we are home.) ~

big yawn

~ the real world is hard work ~

frederick knox (4)

~ Time to come out of the isolette, first time wearing clothes! Thank you Kissy, Kissy for sending us preemie clothes! ~

frederick knox (3)

~ Look at those cheeks!  ~

frederick knox (2)

~ bright eyes in the morning ~

frederick knox

~ our sweet, sweet boy ~