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Houston, Texas

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I have lived in Houston for a little over two years now, but this city continues to amaze me.  I like to think of Houston as our own hidden gem that the rest of the country continues to under-estimate.  (Which I guess is okay because we can’t handle much more traffic. 😉 ) But with Super Bowl 51 only a week away, the rest of the world is about to see the changes that Houston has undergone in the last decade and discover the city I have fallen in love with (and now call home).  Houston, once only known as the world oil capital and the world’s largest medical district, now also boast world renown restaurants, modern high-rises, lush city parks, and best in class cultural and entertainment venues.  With Houston being the most ethnically diverse metropolitan area in the country, it’s no wonder you will find something for everyone here.

Please note, because Houston is so robust (with over 10,000 restaurants and nightlife), this is not meant to be a list of all the best of Houston.  (There are entire websites dedicated to just that.)  This is simply a list of our personal favorites here at HOUSE of HARPER.  I wanted to keep this curated to prevent it from becoming too overwhelming for people only in town for a weekend.  We will continue to update it as we try new places and discover new local favorites!



Le Colonial

Le Colonial

This is perhaps the most well received of all the new restaurant openings in River Oaks District (a luxury shopping center destination). I must start by admitting that I am not the most well versed in Vietnamese food so I can't speak to it's authenticity, but I found everything we ate to be delicious. (We ordered based on our waiter's recommendations.) If you are looking for a place to eat and stay for drinks, the bar upstairs has become just as popular as the dinner menu.



Very rarely food leaves me speechless. One bite of their and I had no words. This outpost of the Austin hot spot gets the best sushi in Houston vote from me because it checks all the boxes when it comes to raw fish, inventive creations and an intimate, but hip scene. Your tab can get pretty pricey, but it's worth every penny. They do save tables for walk-ins so if you have trouble getting a reservation there is still a chance. Or, arrive early for their daily 'Sake Social' where you can sample the highlights of the menu accompanied with sake (or beer, or wine), at a fraction of the cost.

Coffee & Sweets