I am so excited to share today’s fun collaboration with you because it includes an amazing giveaway and video with my friend and luxury vintage enthusiast, The Vintage Contessa. I joined her on her youtube channel to talk Push Present ideas and trust me ladies, she has some fabulous ones! Send your hubbies over to watch this video and thank us both later. 😉 (P.S. If you aren’t expecting, Mother’s Day is also just around the corner!)

Keep reading to see a few selections I made for a special push present / keepsake for baby sister!

A New Mom Bag

A premium designer bag that will only go up in value (like Hermes) is a wonderful push present option. I personally love the Evelyne because it is one of the more approachable price points (vs. a Birkin), but also because it is practical for a mom to actually use. The crossbody style leaves a busy mom hands-free to tote around her baby and it is also large enough to carry all the essentials for both mom and baby.

Diamonds Are a Girl’s Best Friend

I know this picture is over-the-top, but it was too fun not to play with this stunning 20 carat diamond ring! But in all seriousness, Donae has a wonderful assortment of diamond studs, tennis bracelets and eternity bands that would all make fabulous, but more realistic push presents. I actually received eternity bands from Fred for both the boys, and I wear them everyday stacked on my ring finger with my wedding band and engagement ring.

A Timeless Timepiece

Another great heritage item is a classic timepiece. My husband received his father’s first Rolex watch on his 18th birthday and I love the idea of being able to pass down a push present to your baby some day. What better gift than a watch that holds or appreciates in value over time?

Cartier Love Collection

Last but certainly not least, we are seeing a huge trend in the Cartier Love collection for push presents. I personally have so many friends that have received this as a gift, and I think it is so fitting and just perfect! I love that you never (or rarely) take these items off and the significance of eternity and love for a push presents. The bracelet and the rings both come in white or yellow gold and you can even get diamonds in place of the Cartier logo so the price point can vary based on your budget or desires. I personally would love a ring to wear in place of my wedding band when traveling, working out, etc. I love the idea of swapping it between hands and being able to layer it with my eternity bands. Plus, since I got a ring for the boys, it would be fun to get another one for this baby, as well.

A big thank you to Donae at The Vintage Contessa for sharing all these wonderful ideas with us and inviting me to be on her youtube video. Be sure to check it out so see all these beauties on screen and to get to know Donae a little better. The Vintage Contessa sources authentic, pre-owned luxury items so you can shop knowing these items have all been certified and vetted by the best in the industry! You also save off retail shopping vintage so you get more for your money! Lastly, if you have anything you would like to trade-in for an ‘upgrade’ I love that they will buy items you aren’t getting enough use out of to go towards something new you will LOVE!

And last, but certainly not least! Be sure to head to my Instagram for an amazing giveaway with The Vintage Contessa! (Hint, it’s Hermes!)

Good luck! xo, C