With all three kids in school for the first time (two days a week), I am taking one morning a week for a little self-care day. I try not to book anything on Thursday mornings after I drop off Millie at her sweet Mother’s Day Out, my last drop off after taking the boys to school. My routine is to come home from carpool, enjoy a cup of freshly ground, pourover coffee then sit down and do my weekly bible study lesson. After my quiet time and coffee, I am off to my group tennis lesson. It’s my favorite morning of the week! I play with a few other mom friends and we catch up while getting in a good workout – my favorite combination, lately. After tennis and before getting into the rest of my day, I come home to make a smoothie for the energy I need to kick start the rest of my morning.

I recently upgraded a few of our kitchen appliances at Walmart to help elevate my morning routine with high performance products. Walmart is always my go-to shopping spot for value, but I was so impressed to see they also have a wonderful selection of premium kitchen appliances from some of the finest culinary brands in the world. Keep reading to see how I am treating myself to a little weekly self-care morning ritual with my new and improved appliances from Walmart.

Freshly Ground Pourover Coffee

Mornings with three kids rushing out the door by 7:20 are hectic, to say the least. It’s a mad dash to make their breakfast, get the boys’ uniforms on, make sure their backpacks have homework, water bottle, snack, etc. Masks on and out the door! The two days a week that Millie goes to school too, add her lunch, lovey, snacks and change of clothes to the morning to-do list. Needless to say when I get back home from drop off around 8:00am I am ready for my cup of coffee and a minute to myself. I recently added a coffee grinder and Pourover coffee maker to our coffee gadgets. (We already have and love our single cup coffee maker!) There is something about grinding the coffee beans (the smell!) and boiling water that feels so special and intentional the morning. I must admit, the February freeze and power outages across Texas also inspired this purchase as we can boil water on our gas stove and we can still enjoy a hot cup of coffee – even without power!

Morning Quiet Time

I am doing a women’s group bible study right now and we are following Paige Brown’s ‘Therefore, Select Study in Romans”. Setting aside this weekly quiet time to reflect and grow has been such an important part of my self-care. I find that spending this time in the word gives me a peace and perspective that I carry with me throughout the entire week.

Tennis Lesson

In the spirit of keeping my mind and body healthy, my favorite workout in my 30’s is tennis. I love the challenge of learning a new (to me) technique and sport. It offers a great full body workout and I enjoy the social aspect of it, as well. I have a weekly group tennis lesson with my girlfriends and we get to catch up over a workout instead of a cocktail like I would have done pre-kids in my twenties. I am all about multi-tasking and ‘killing one bird with two stones’, as they say. But this is my favorite combination!

Post Workout Fuel

After tennis, I come home to make a smoothie with my new Ninja Nutri Blender Pro. It’s quick, easy and efficient! I sneak in some frozen kale to get my greens in and then mix in my favorite fruit flavors and some super seeds (chia, hemp and flax seeds). It’s amazing what a difference owning a great blender makes. I use to stop on my way home and buy a smoothie, but since purchasing the Ninja Nutri Blender Pro I actually enjoy making my own. It’s so fast and easy to clean – plus, I am saving money!

Photographed by Kate Robinson Photography

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