I hope you had a wonderful July 4th and your fun and festive plans continue into the weekend! We were in Houston yesterday for the parade and a day by the pool with friends and we are heading to the Knapp’s lake house this weekend for more fireworks and fun! I found a new recipe that FMK and I both love that is perfect for the holiday weekend so I wanted to share – it’s a Strawberry Basil Fizz and it is a super refreshing, not-too-sweet crowd pleaser! Read on below for the recipe (it’s super easy!)

I pulled this cocktail recipe from TX Whiskey, a brand based in Fort Worth that I am working with this summer on a campaign all about breaking stereotypes and sharing how women conquer the day. In the past, I wouldn’t typically think of making a whiskey cocktail for myself, but they’ve definitely changed my perception! This Strawberry Basil Fizz is super light and the perfect beverage to sip outside on a warm summer evening. The recipe calls for six easy-to-find ingredients and only takes a few steps to make. It isn’t too sweet, looks beautiful in a glass and will definitely impress your guests!