We took our first family ski trip to Crested Butte, Colorado between Christmas and New Year’s this year and it was so much fun! I have always been intimidated to take the kids skiing as it seemed like too much work and it just felt overwhelming. Spoiler alert, it was actually really fun and relatively easy! The boys were a perfect age (5 & 7) and truly loved it! A lot of you asked what ski gear we used so I am sharing everything we wore here.

A lot of my ski clothes are actually from college which goes to show if you invest in good things, they can last a decade (or longer). I just have a white Northface coat and my Northface ski pants. I wish the fit wasn’t so bulky on my old pair so I am linking to more modern versions that are a bit for fitted for you here. This amazon coat is the perfect after ski coat and I thought these boots were so reasonable and cute! (I really love the splurge version, too! ha!). I am also a sucker for a sweater that literally states your activity like this ski sweater. (I also have a ‘tennis’ sweater for tennis days.)

-For Me-

1.Ski Gloves | 2. Ski Jacket | 3. Ski Goggles | 4. Ski Pants | 5. Aprés Ski Sweater | 6. Smartwool Socks | 7. Beanie | 8. Thermal Top & Thermal Bottoms | 9. Hiker Boot | 10. Down Jacket | 11. Skinny Jeans | 12. Turtleneck Sweater

For the kids, I was thoughtful about layers. I wanted everyone to have fun and no one can have fun when they are freezing. Proper waterproof gloves, thermal layers, a full face warmer so they couldn’t take off their mask on the mountain, and thermal socks are all details not to be missed!

-For the Kids-

1.Beanie | 2. Down Winter Parka | 3. Snow Goggles | 4. Ski Gloves | 5. Bib Snow Pants | 6. Thermal Socks | 7. Winter Boots | 8. Face Mask | 9. Thermal Top & Thermal Bottoms | 10. Baby Insulated Bunting | 11. Baby Hat & Bootie Set | 12. Lambpod

My family actually just purchased a home in Crested Butte so we will be spending a lot more time here. I was happy to store all the ski gear in a closet and not have to pack it back up and bring it home. I will be sharing more about our favorite things to do in Crested Butte and about the house soon!

Stay tuned… xo,