Last month was Self-Care Awareness Month, and even though we’re a little late to the game, self-care feels very needed right now — it seems like social invitations, school activities, and work events are all happening at once! While we love this season of productivity and socializing, we’re definitely feeling the need to sneak a little downtime into our hectic schedules.

“Self-care” has become such a buzzy topic, but it really is so important for us – mothers, wives, co-workers, bosses, employees, friends – to take care of ourselves so that we can be our best selves and fully present for all of the people and responsibilities in our lives. 

Over the past two years we’ve had the chance to interview so many amazing women for our Mom Crush and Talk Shop series. Today we’re sharing 7 of their pro tips for practicing self-care, so keep reading and take notes!

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Don’t feel guilty about treating yourself at least once a week! You deserve a little break and R&R in between all of your activities and responsibilities for me, picking up some fresh flowers or savoring a good glass of wine can make all the difference! A few of women we admire spilled their #treatyourself rituals.

Clea Shearer and Joanna Teplin, The Home Edit

Clea: Sipping a glass of champagne in my bathroom (the only place in my house people won’t bother me.)

Joanna: Drinking a cup of tea or eating candy under a comfy blanket.

Ariane Goldman, Owner of HATCH

Ariane: Often I’ll make a quick martini stop after work and catch up on emails I didn’t get to by day (Shhh.. don’t tell my husband). And don’t be so hard on yourself. We are setting an example of what hard work looks like for our kids, and they won’t learn that in school.

Hitha Palepu, Founder of Hitha on the Go

Hitha: Cookie dough ice cream, my evening glass of red wine, going over my monthly book budget (which happens nearly every month), watching Real Housewives tucked inside my infrared sauna blanket with a face mask on, and the twice-yearly weekend getaways to Glenmere Mansion with my husband.

Liz Eicholz and Lindsey Johnson, Founders of Weezie Towels

Lindsey: A cheese plate and a glass of wine is my happy place. 

Liz: There is truly nothing I love more than a bubble bath, a glass of wine, a candle, and a book. It really sets my head right. When I find the rare moment for some quality towel time, I wrap up in my new Weezie robe and continue reading. It takes me a lifetime to read a book because I always fall asleep if I’m reading in bed, so I love nothing more than towel time reading. 

Get Outside

Sometimes a bit of fresh air is all you really need to destress and get a fresh boost of inspiration.

Kendra Scott

KS: My family and I love being outside! Austin has so many parks and outdoor spaces, and we take every opportunity we can to enjoy the warm weather and sunshine our city is known for. Also, no matter the season, I always feel at peace in our Colorado mountain home. It’s my favorite place to unwind and unplug with my family!

skincare routine with Nu Skin

Indulge in At-Home Skincare

There is something so soothing about an at-home skincare ritual. We love the below product recs!

Bailey McCarthy, Founder of Biscuit Home

Bailey: Like so many women, after I had kids, self-care took a backseat to, well, everything. At some point I realized I can’t do for others what I don’t do for myself, and began tackling years of deferred beauty maintenance and was DELIGHTED to discover so many fun new items and treatments abound these days! On the treatment side I microbladed my eyebrows which I could not recommend enough, and did some lasers for my melasma. Lasers! What a time to be alive. I have really committed to taking better care of my skin- I use some potions from my dermatologist for the aforementioned melasma, and then swear by Sunday Riley Good Genes, Pixi Glow Tonic, and my NuFace which must be is some kind of sorcery.

Katie McClure and Erin Breen, Sisters + Founders of MIRTH

Erin:  I try to use natural and organic as much as possible.  I love May Lindstrom and Drunk Elephant.

Katie: Biologique Recherche P50, Vintner’s Daughter Active Botanical Serum, everything by Susanne Kaufmann.

Liz Eicholz and Lindsey Johnson, Founders of Weezie Towels

Liz: I love my Drunk Elephant Babyfacial followed by Drunk Elephant face oil and Supergoop Daily Moisturizer (it’s like BUTTER). Baths are my favorite indulgence. I love a Nourish Savannah bath bomb followed by wrapping up in our new bathrobe — it’s the definition of luxe! 

Lindsey: Lately I have been loving Drunk Elephant C-Firma Vitamin C Serum and Supergoop Everyday Sunscreen. I of course cannot survive without my Weezie makeup towels! I wear Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer and my white bath towels stand no chance!

Schedule Time for Yourself

We all know too well that self-care is one of the first things to go, so schedule it!

Kelly LeVeque, Celeb Health Coach & Holistic Nutritionist

Kelly: Schedule self-care! I share my calendar with my husband virtually and we chat out our week to make sure we each get an hour of personal time daily. As parents, even just an hour can really keep you sane.

Lauren Bush Lauren, Founder of FEED

Lauren: Finding time for at least one thing a day that is for me – not for work or for the kids – is important. This can be as small as walking around the corner to get a coffee, squeezing in a quick workout, or calling a friend for a catch-up.  Feeling whole for yourself only allows you to be more whole as a mom and in your workplace. This is all easier said than done, so start with something small and build from there.

Move and Meditate

Having a clear mind and a healthy body helps us help others.

Kelly LeVeque, Celeb Health Coach & Holistic Nutritionist

Kelly: Making time for movement is so important, even if it’s just a 15 minute walk around the block, it counts. Other than that, taking time to quiet the mind, whether that’s through listening to some relaxing music or maybe a guided meditation which can be really helpful for reducing stress and helping you feel more centered.


Put your phone and work away to recharge and be present with the people you love.

Chloé Watts, Founder of chloédigital

 Chloe: My phone is always on do not disturb so I am always in control of when I tap back in. On the weekends I like to spend time with my loved ones who are not in our industry so I can soak in different life perspectives which I think ultimately helps make me a stronger person.

Marie Flanigan of Marie Flanigan Interiors

Marie: Time with my three children is everything to me, so I schedule my days around picking them up at a certain time and then do everything I can to unplug from work for the evening.  

Create a Daily Habit

Practice makes perfect!

Hitha Palepu, Founder of Hitha on the Go

Hitha: Try to have one ritual that’s just for you – an upgraded skincare routine, meditation or prayer, reading – and do it every single day. It’ll help connect the woman you’ve always been.

Do you have any favorite self-care rituals? Please share them with us in the comments below!