With all the craziness of New York Fashion Week, having family in town and celebrating birthdays, I am a little late getting Knox’s 4 month update up.  So, without further ado…

teddy bear
playing with hands eating sticker

* I can already tell, the older he gets the harder these pictures will become.  This month Knox was more interested in playing with his hands and eating the sticker than smiling for the camera. 🙂

4 month check up

Size: Knox weighs 12 lbs and 11 oz and his height is 24 1/3″.  Before adjusting his age (he was 6 weeks early), he is just a little guy in only the 5th percentile, but when you account for his early arrival (his adjusted age) he is in the 86th percentile in height and about average in weight (around 50th percentile).

Milestones: My personal favorite milestone this month is Knox reaching out for us when he wants to be picked up.  Now when he is getting his diaper changed or laying on his play mat and wants to be held, he reaches out his arms to us. And I can’t pick him up fast enough!

talking (3) talking (2) talking

Another personal favorite is his speech development.  He will seriously carry on a conversation (not real words, of course) with you for minutes.  He  has the cutest facial expressions that go along with his noises.  It never gets old.

  tummy time rolling over

Knox is trying to roll from his back to his tummy, but one arm is still giving him trouble.  He is quick to roll from his tummy to his back which makes tummy time a little challenging these days.

He is sensitive to noise and makes the funniest surprised face (accompanied with a jolt) when he hears something new or a loud noise.  The funniest is when he is playing with a toy and unknowingly does something to make them start to sing or move.  This has even caused a few tears.  We couldn’t help but laugh.

sleeping angel nap time

Sleeping: I was so busy bragging about my baby sleeping through the night last month that I forgot to tell you about our napping challenges.  His first 3 months, I would let him nap in my arms, in his swing, or in his stroller if we were out and about.  Well, I guess I spoiled him because early this month I could not get him to nap in his bed for the life of me.  (He has slept in his own bed at night since coming home from the hospital.)  He would go down for a nap and 3o minutes later wake up crying.  After days of going in and soothing him and giving him a pacifier, he started consistently taking a morning nap to where he now sleeps 2-3 hours at his morning nap.  This is great, but we still don’t get much (if any) of an afternoon nap.  (Most babies his age take two naps a day – morning & afternoon.)  I spoke to the doctor about it and he said he is getting the proper total hours of sleep since he sleeps 12 hours at night and 2-3 during his morning nap.  He suggested I don’t let him sleep as long in the morning to see if he will be tired in the afternoon… more on that next month. 🙂

Eating:  I am happy to report that our nursing sessions have become much more efficient!  I feel like I have so much more time to get other things done now that we are only nursing for about 20 minutes/session.  However, he is still a pretty frequent eater, rarely making it a full 3 hours between meals.  (He is still only getting breast milk.)

Deuz Creations play mat play mat bath time

Play: Knox loves laying on his back on his play mat and listening to Baby Einstein music.  He is perfectly content doing this for 30-45 minutes at a time.  He also loves taking a bath, story time, talking and listing to Daddy sing.

Mood: Knox is still an overall very happy baby.  The mornings after his first feeding are the best because he is most alert and so happy to see us after a long night.

3 amigos playdate play date at the library

First: We didn’t have a lot going on this month as we were mostly stuck inside due to all the snow we have been getting.  Lucky for us, we have great friends in the neighborhood that we could escape to each other’s apartments for a little company.

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