House of Harper Q&A January 2020

I’ve had so many requests over the years to share our baby must-haves, and seven years and three kids later – IT IS FINALLY HERE! I tried to keep this as easy and comprehensive as possible so I broke it up into seven categories for you. But at the end of the day, all a baby really needs is a breast / bottle, a carseat and a bassinet to sleep in (and lots of LOVE). Knox surprised us six weeks before his due date so there were a lot of things we didn’t have and I promise it all worked out. (Thank God for Amazon! ha!)

We have a lot to cover so let’s get started…


Bottles: Unless your baby requires special bottles for acid reflux (i.e., Dr. Browns), then we recommend Comotomo Natural Feel Baby Bottles. The bottle mimics the shape of a mother’s breast for easy transitioning, and the materials used are thoroughly tested for toxicities and allergens.

Pacifiers: We recommend stocking up on a couple of different pacifiers if you plan to use them. Newborns generally are satisfied with the classic Avent Soothie (all three of mine took these at the hospital and never looked back). However, if your bebe is a little pickier, we asked around, and the Avent Ultra Air Pacifier seems to be a clear winner!

Breastfeeding: We used (and loved) the Boppy pillow for extra support while feeding. Nipple shields, Honest Nipple Butter, nursing pads, and breast milk storage are all important. For pumps, we recommend something strong like the Medela Breast Pump or for a handsfree portable style that goes in-Bra I’ve heard great things about the Willow Pump, but didn’t personally use it. Lastly, this Rosie Pope pumping bra is a must!

High Chair: We suggest starting off with the Inglesina Fast Table Chair, it is nice because it will clip on to the table and you won’t have a big bulky chair taking up space in your kitchen. However, if you prefer a larger highchair, we recommend the Stokke Tripp Trapp for its sleek design and functionality. (I personally have both!)

Cleaning Tools: A bottle brush, dishwasher basket, sterilizer and drying rack are essentials.


Car Seat: We love the Doona Car Seat the all in one car seat stroller combo makes it in a league of its own and makes every day life and traveling a total game changer! This wasn’t around with my boys, but after having it with Millie I can’t recommend it enough. An absolute must if you can swing it!

Stroller: When you need something more heavy-duty than the Doona, we recommend the Uppa Baby Vista for walks, big trips to the zoo, and general life on the go.

Baby Carrier: The Bjorn baby carrier has been our go-to for baby wearing since having Knox, but I was gifted the Artipoppe with Millie and I love how easy it is to snap on (like a backpack)!

Diaper Bag: This Freshly Picked Diaper Bag is stylish and functional. It can be worn either as a crossbody or backpack and comes with a changing pad. If you plan to use your own tote, we suggest the Totesavvy insert to keep the baby’s things from mixing with yours.


Travel Crib: When traveling, its important to have a crib that’s lightweight and durable. The Bjorn travel crib checked those boxes, and more!

Co-Sleeper: We loved having a Dock-A-Tot with Millie. (I didn’t have one for the boys.). It’s wonderful if you’re not planning to co-sleep and its a great insert in the bassinet when they are tiny. We used our Dock-A-Tot for playtime, lounging and traveling, as well.

Bassinet: We have this beautiful wicker bassinet in our bedroom which is helpful during those frequent feedings in the early days.

Swaddles: Muslin swaddles are great for newborns, but you’ll quickly need something a bit stronger. The Halo Sleepsack Swaddle is strong and soothing for baby!


Play Mat: Skiphop is a favorite when it comes to playtime. They offer a foam mat that is helpful as baby learns to sit-up and roll. For newborns, we recommend this cozy activity mat.

Rock N Play: The Cradle ‘n Swing keeps baby cozy during naps, and it’s helpful when you need to keep baby elevated.

Bouncer: Bouncers are important if you plan on getting any chores done with baby. We recommend the BabyBjorn Bouncer. It features a sleek design, and durable, washable fabric. It can easily be folded up and tucked under the bed or in a closet when not in use.

Teethers: I always buy this Sophie the Giraffe teether as a gift. I prefer this teether over the original Sophie because it offers different textures and it’s fully enclosed so you don’t need to worry about internal mold buildup.

Soft Books: Jellycat makes the best books for when baby is just learning to grab.


Crib Mattress: We use, and love the Nook Pepple mattress. It’s 100% organic, breathable, and dual-sided for both infant and toddler stages.

Changing Pad: We love the Keekaroo. It easy to clean and requires no cover! Plus, it’s slip-resistant design keeps baby in place during changing.

Cool-Mist Humidifier: Eventually baby will get the sniffles, so it’s wise to buy a humidifier now rather than inevitable later. The Crane AirDrop is a favorite among moms because it’s whisper quiet and offers adjustable settings.

Baby Monitor: The Nanit Plus lets you see and talk to your baby. It also provides sleep tracking and guidance. 


Bath Tub: The Stokke Flexi Bath is one we recommend! It is foldable and has a temperature-sensitive plug to make sure the temperature is right for baby. 

Soap: We need a soap that is natural and non-irritating. We highly recommend Tubby Todd

Gentle Detergent: The Meliora Laundry Powder is the best non-irritating detergent for the most sensitive of skin. It’s made without scary synthetic chemicals, phthalates, or carcinogens!


Nanit Breathing Swaddle: The Nanit swaddle monitors the baby’s breathing and motion in real-time. Should the baby need you, Nanit will sound an alarm on the camera and app. 

Nasal Aspirator: The Nose Frida might look scary, but it’s seriously a must-have. You probably need two.

Safety & Grooming Kit: The Fridababy Baby Healthcare and Grooming Kit is a must-have! It has a ton of weird things you don’t think about that come in handy. Keep one in your nursery and another in your baby bag!