Caroline shares how KUBE filtered water has changed her lifestyle

Having two boys at home for the summer means lots of running around outside on super hot days! Even in this Houston heat, Knox and Andrew love playing in the backyard, scooting around the neighborhood, and of course cooling off at the pool. I don’t know how they find the energy! I’ve been trying to make sure that the boys and I are drinking enough water, but it’s not always easy to convince a 3-year-old and a 5-year-old to do that! I wanted to share 5 tips to help keep you and your little ones hydrated during these last few weeks of summer. Read on below and drink up! 

Caroline shares how KUBE filtered water has changed her lifestyle

Swap your first cup of morning coffee

I’m guilty of heading straight for the coffee machine as soon as I wake up, but I’ve read so many articles (like this one) saying how beneficial it is to start your day off with water. Whether it’s warm water with lemon, or simply a glass of water before your first cup of morning jo, start your day off by hydrating. Instead of immediately pouring juice or milk for your kiddos, pour them a glass of water with their breakfast — you can try making it more enticing by adding orange or lemon slices.

Find the bottle for you

Finding water bottles that your family loves will make everyone more excited to refill during the day. Buy stainless steel bottles, like these or these, instead of using disposable plastic water bottles, which are both wasteful and not great for you. I personally prefer drinking out of a straw top instead of the open mouth so I am obsessed with this one! I got myself one in white and FMK one in black. For the boys, I ordered these labels for their bottles so they always know which one is theirs and hopefully we won’t lose them!

Buy reusable straws

Is it just me or is water much easier to drink when you have a straw?? I can get myself and the boys to drink a lot more water with straws and decided to try out metal reusable straws that are dishwasher safe. You can easily pack these if you’re traveling or running around town.

Carry water on-the-go 

Whether you’re running errands or taking kids to and from activities, drinking water in the car is one of the most efficient ways to stay hydrated. Make sure everyone leaves the house with their favorite water bottle and keeps it full throughout the day.

Set up a beverage dispenser with summer fruit

There are some really pretty beverage dispensers that look great on your kitchen counter and are perfect for adding fruit, like your favorite spa. 😉 You can switch out the flavors each day by adding oranges, lemons, cucumbers, strawberries, mint leaves, etc. This is a creative way to keep everyone wanting to refill their glasses throughout the day and it also adds a bit of summer flair to your kitchen!