HOUSE of HARPER Easter_2
Our stay in Texas has been jam packed with a wedding, a Sip & See, Easter, and a lot more ‘first’ for Knox. Here are a few of my favorite pictures from our time at home.

HOUSE of HARPER Easter_4
Hiding Easter eggs from all the cousins. This was my favorite hiding spot.

HOUSE of HARPER Easter_5
Knox’s First Easter Egg Hunt! I think it was more fun for FMK & me than Knox. 😉

HOUSE of HARPER Easter_6
Knox was more interested in eating the eggs than seeing what was inside.

HOUSE of HARPER Easter_7
Dying & decorating Easter Eggs.

HOUSE of HARPER Easter_8

Can you tell our family is mostly girls? Knox’s sweet cousins picked these flowers for them.

HOUSE of HARPER Easter_9

All 4 generations of the McDaniel clan in Texarkana at my grandparents for Easter!

HOUSE of HARPER Easter_10

Knox with his great grandparents, Mamaw & Papaw.

HOUSE of HARPER Easter_11

The Easter Bunny came to see this sweet boy!

HOUSE of HARPER Easter_1

Knox’s first Easter basket.


A Sip & See for baby Caroline and Knox.


Knox with his New York City / Texas friends.

HOUSE of HARPER Easter_14

Knox’s Lovie drove in from Houston to give him hugs.
And last, but not least, Knox’s first horse back ride with his Cappy!

I hope you all had a wonderful Easter with your family! Thanks for stopping by!
xo, CHK

*I’m wearing David Peck.  Knox is wearing Feltman Brothers.