As I’m sure many of you can relate to, framing our family photos has been on my list for a long time but kept getting pushed to the back burner. Over the years I’ve made it a point to schedule photoshoots while we’re on family vacations and to take Christmas card photos, but then they always end up sitting on my computer where we can’t enjoy them.

I was excited when Framebridge reached out to collaborate with me on two new gallery walls for our home — one in our bedroom and one in the hallway. I worked with them on a smaller gallery wall project back in 2016 right after Andrew was born. I’m super happy with how both gallery walls turned out and I’m excited to share them with you and also give you the scoop on Framebridge’s easy framing process. Read on below for pics and details!

When working with Framebridge, the first step is to decide what you want to have framed. For both of my gallery walls I opted for all photographs, but Framebridge has a really neat service where they provide framing for your family’s special trinkets and art pieces.

After deciding on photo galleries, the next step was to choose between color or black and white photo prints. For our bedroom, I selected a grouping of color photographs with a slightly more formal gold frame, while in the hallway I went with all black and white photos framed in sleek black gallery frames.  

Once you select the photos you want framed, you simply upload the files from your computer, phone, or even your Instagram feed, and Framebridge prints and frames them for you. The turnaround is super quick — only 2-5 days in addition to shipping, which is free.

If you feel overwhelmed at the thought of designing a gallery wall from scratch, Framebridge has pre-designed layouts to choose from which makes the process super simple. And, if you’re like me and aren’t very handy, you’ll really appreciate their life-size hanging guide that is delivered with your framed photos. Framebridge offers complimentary design consultations as well, so their service from start to finish is really seamless!

Be sure to use code “houseofharper15” for 15% off your first Framebridge order! A gallery wall would be a perfect Mother’s Day gift for yourself, your mom, and mother-in-law!

Thanks to Framebridge for collaborating with me on this post!