I am sorry for the radio silence over the holiday weekend. FMK and I were in Texas soaking up every moment with family and friends. We relaxed by the lake, ate our way through all our favorite restaurants (can you say Tex-Mex), and – most importantly – got to meet two tiny new members of the Knapp clan!  (Congratulations to my sister-in-law who took her twins home from the hospital today!)

ebbets field flanneloutfit details: tunic: j.crew // swim suit: j.crew // shorts: c/o old navy // shoes: c/o jack rogers // sunnies: ray-ban // hat: j.crew // necklace: c/o maya brenner

Linen V-neck tunic in stripeI am not sure if my growing bulge is from all the good food from Texas or baby Knapp, but my bump has doubled in size the past two weeks!  This is week 22 and I already can’t wait to meet the little guy in November… this is going to be a long summer!
j.crew ebbets field cap
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