Most of our family spent Labor Day weekend at the Knapp’s cabin in east Texas so we decided to take advantage of having both our parents, cousins, aunts and uncles all in one place. We told everyone we were pregnant and did the gender reveal all at the same time!

For full disclosure, Fred and I already knew the gender and we had already let it slip to our parents, too. So really this was more for Knox and Andrew than anyone. 😉

First, we gifted the boys a ‘present’.

Bless their little hearts, everyone was gathered around with cameras and watching them so they must have thought this present was going to be REALLY good! When Andrew opened his and it was *just* a shirt, he was a little disappointed… to say the least. ha ha!

Both their shirts said ‘Big Brother’. Since Knox is the only one who can read, we asked him to read both their shirts. You can see Knox’s little brain working in this picture. “Knox, what does it mean if Andrew is going to be a big brother, too?”

Next, we let all the cousins guess if they thought it was going to be a brother or sister by picking their color cupcake. Everyone was team brother except Knox who was hoping for a sister. (Because in his words, he already has a little brother.)

Team Blue!

Team Pink!

I bought these Party Poppers on Amazon, but they were difficult for the boys to do themselves, FYI. You need an adult to help pop them. 😉

Andrew and mine went off first, but the loud pop scared him. I’m not even sure that Andrew understood what was happening or what this all meant at this point.

Knox, however, was so excited when he saw PINK! This sweet boy has been praying for a baby sister for two years now. He was SO excited!

We are so excited to be welcoming another baby into our family. These two boys have blessed us beyond measure and I can honestly say I wasn’t sure what I wanted – boy or girl! (I obviously just wanted a healthy baby after 20 months of trying!) Being a boy mom for six years now, it is all I know and all I can imagine so it seemed easy and natural to think about adding another boy to our rambunctious crew. I can honestly say that either gender is and would be a blessing and exactly how it was meant to be and we would never look back.

However, now that I have had +20 weeks to wrap my brain around the idea of the boys having a baby sister, I am getting really excited for some pink around here. FMK and Knox have been team pink the whole time. They both have been dreaming of a baby sister to complete our family for a long time, and I am so excited to see them (and Andrew even though he said boy) with her come March.

As always, thank you for sharing our journey. All your kind messages since we announced my pregnancy have meant so much to me. You are what makes this space so fun and encouraging for me so thank you from the bottom of my heart! xo