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Do you ever feel like there aren’t enough hours in the day? We’ve been feeling like that a lot this month as we’ve been trying to manage our goals. We decided to take a close look at how we have been allocating our time, and we uncovered six habits that we’re ready to kick in exchange for our most productive year yet! Read our tips below on things to say “no” to so that you can prioritize what matters most this year.  

1. Scattered Mornings

The morning is often when we feel the most productive, but unfortunately it’s also an easy part of the day to get distracted. Hitting the snooze button, running out for coffee, checking social media, and, if you’re a mom, getting kids off to school are all activities that take over those early hours when you could be sending emails and getting sh*t done. A common theme with successful, entrepreneurial women is a structured morning routine that starts the day off on a productive note. An early alarm followed by a workout and/or meditation, journaling, a healthy breakfast, and cleaning your inbox by 9am (or earlier) will keep you from feeling overwhelmed latter and also allows you to focus on personal growth and goals before your work day begins.

2. Mindless Instagram Scrolling

There’s nothing wrong with a little social media break during the day – especially if it’s part of your job – but time spent scrolling through Instagram every hour (or more) really adds up. Instagram can also lead to further distractions like Google rabbit holes and online shopping. Keep your Instagram browsing in check by scheduling an Instagram break during the day and avoiding the app at other times. If you need a mental break from work, try walking around the block to clear your mind instead of checking social media.  

3. Blurred Lines Between Personal To-Dos and Work To-Dos

It’s inevitable that we have to take care of personal matters during the work day. We all have lives outside of the office and appointments that are unavoidable between 9am to 5pm. Distinguishing time spent between personal to-dos and work to-dos can be difficult, especially if you work from home. To prevent taking time away from productive work hours, schedule personal appointments and meetings in the morning or at the end of the day, and if possible, plan them on the same day instead of spreading them out for minimal distraction during the week. If you have a personal project that needs daily attention, block an hour on your calendar and treat it like a meeting instead of letting it take up chunks of time throughout the day.

4. Unstructured Meeting Schedule

Although meetings and phone calls are necessary for most of us, sometimes our work week feels like it’s full of conversations instead of crossing off our to-do lists. Try to schedule all of your meetings and phone calls on the same days, and leave at least two days completely open to knock out your to-dos. A more structured, predictable schedule will help with both productivity and stress. 

5. Late Night Pinterest-ing and Netflix Binging

At the end of a long work day, it’s nice to zone out and focus on mindless browsing or Netflix bingeing, but when it takes away from sleeping, it can ruin our productivity the next day. Everyone requires a different amount of sleep, so know what that magic number is for you and make yourself stick to it. Even though we love a good binge-worthy series as much as the next person, we are firm believers in winding down with a book and herbal tea to decompress and fall asleep at a reasonable hour. 

6. A Cluttered, Uninspiring Work Space

An organized, inspiring work space goes a long way with productivity and creativity. Your desk should reflect your career goals. If you want to be a CEO one day, but are currently sitting in a cubicle, give your work space a sophisticated upgrade with a luxurious candle, pretty to-do listchic planner, a plant — whatever gives you a motivational boost! For our full list of office decor tips that help with productivity, check out our article on Glitter Guide.