1. What to Read Next Based on Your Netflix Binge – As you know, one of our resolutions is to tackle all those books that have been on our reading list.  I thought this was a perfect article to find a little reading inspiration based on your netflix preferences.  Why not trade in some tv time for more reading time?

2. Sleek Swimwear – One thing I have learned (the hard way) over the years is to buy my swimwear as soon as it comes out and my favorite swimsuit resource is ShopBop!  Too many times, I fall in love with a style, but it was sold out in my size before I pulled the trigger.  As I have grown older, I prefer to invest in a little more spurge worthy swim suit for a more flattering fit and a fabric that will still look nice at the end of the summer.  I currently have this one and this one at the top of my list!

3.How to Make Your Own Bone Broth – Have you read all the benefits of incorporating bone broth into your daily diet?  I first learned about this so called miracle cure when I was researching natural remedies for Andrew’s eczema and allergies, but it seems to be a miracle cure for most autoimmune diseases and even mental health like ADD, anxiety and more.  I just ordered some from here if making it yourself feels a little intimidating.

4. Parisian Flair – It’s no secret I am a big fan of classic dressing, especially when it comes to investment pieces.  Helena is the queen of creating timeless looks that are anything, but boring.  I love this Parisian look with a pop of red!

5. 20 Favorite Children’s Books – Speaking of reading, we aren’t the only ones who benefit from this past time.  Reading is one of the most important things you can do for your child.  It has been part of the boys bedtime routines since the infant stage and they both enjoy snuggling in for a good book as much as we do reading it to them.  I loved reading Mara’s round-up of their favorite children’s books.  There are a few on here that we don’t have, but I think our boys would love, as well – like this one and this one!