House of Harper Weekend Reading

Happy Weekend! I was in Charleston for a quick 2-day trip with my friend Hunter Bell who participates in their local fashion week. It’s one of my favorite places and this is such a great time to visit — I highly recommend going if you haven’t been! I’m sharing a few reads from around the web including a write up about the new HBO documentary on Theranos founder Elizabeth Holmes that I’m obsessed with. More details below!

The Style Habits to Form in Your 30s: I feel like this article really resonates with me, especially since I recently turned 35. This is the decade of parting with super trendy pieces and investing in timeless classics.

The psychology of deception: How Elizabeth Holmes fooled everyone about Theranos for so longI started watching The Inventor: Out for Blood in Silicon Valley on HBO this week and am fascinated by this whole story.

The Spring Design Event with Serena & Lily! 20% off Everything There are so many amazing decor pieces at Serena & Lily right now! Happy Shopping!

10 Reasons Teens Have So Much Anxiety Today: A powerful article that addresses 10 reasons how our societal changes and cultural shifts have caused a rise in anxiety. Knowing the reasons can help us do a better job at helping our kids build the mental muscle they need to stay healthy. 

What to Do on Sunday Night to Feel Your Best on Monday Morning:
I think how I spend Sunday evening really affects my Monday, and I’m all about setting myself up for success with a Sunday evening routine!