I can’t believe it’s the last weekend in September! Where has this month gone?? Knox is turning 5 this next week and I feel like it’s such a big birthday. He’s been counting down the days on his calendar. 🙂 We’ve been enjoying a weekend at home as a family and I’m taking some quiet time this afternoon to catch up on a few reads! 

How to Avoid the Comparison Game: Love this important message with helpful strategies to avoid comparing your life to other “perfect” lives on social media.

How (and When) to Limit Kids’ Tech Use:  Such an important topic! It can be hard to say no to tech use, especially when you need to keep kiddos distracted! We try to limit TV time and avoid YouTube TV, and encourage the boys to play outside as much as possible.

What Does it Actually Mean to “Dress like a mom”?: A good read about the preconceived notion of how moms dress, and how becoming a mother doesn’t mean your style should change (unless you want it to!).

Genius Ways to Display Ugly Kitchen Tools: Feeling like there is nowhere to store the kitchen tools you want to hide? These styling tricks from Domino will help you get creative!

8 Books to Read If You’re Obsessed with The Royal Family: I’m always so fascinated by the Royal Family history and am excited to check out some of these books!