1. Six Ways to Reinvest Your Tax Refund: If your business is getting a tax refund, it’s smart to think about ways you can reinvest the extra cash back into your business.  This is a great article about just that!  We loved these ideas to use the cash to help grow your business.

2. The Shop Sale of the Season (Ends Today!) : Today is the last day of the Shopbop sale!  We always stock up on our favorite denim, new shoes for the season, a swimsuit for our upcoming vacation and maybe even something you’ve been eyeing that wasn’t so practical at full price, but now how could you say no?!

3. The Ultimate Photo Book Guide: I am so behind on family photo albums that it has become overwhelming and a down right daunting to start tackling them all.  Ailee is the ultimate Mom who effortlessly can stay on top of it all.  I love her guide on how she creates her beautiful, custom photo albums.

4. Gallery Wall: Chasity has an eye for art.  We love her whimsical home and perfectly styled beach house.  She always knows just where to add a fun, colorful piece of art to brighten up any space and we love this perfect gallery wall round up!

5. A Rainbow Picnic That’ll Make Earth Day Your New Favorite Holiday: Camille is the ultimate hostess and all her parties leave us wanting to take a round trip down to Austin.  This floral filled picnic is nothing short of perfection!