Contributor Note: Today’s post is brought to you by Lindsey Rose King, the founder of home decor and hosting subscription box service Mostess. Lindsey Rose founded Mostess to help the career women of her generation entertain easily and beautifully. She curates each seasonal Mostess box with full sized items in addition to a booklet of entertaining and hosting tips. Before launching Mostess Lindsey Rose worked in Washington D.C. in the political world. She now lives in Houston with her husband and runs Mostess full time. 

These days it can be hard to find time to sit down for a meal at home, let alone prepare a home cooked meal and entertain guests! But this time of year it’s especially lovely to gather together with friends and family for al fresco meals, and if you’re hosting, I’m here to tell you that it doesn’t have to be a full day process. Today I’m sharing hosting tips for creating a beautiful brunch with store bought items that people will never know you picked up instead of made from scratch in your kitchen! 

This brunch spread is inspired by our Mostess Spring Box that I curated with spring celebrations in mind whether that be Mother’s Day, graduation, or a birthday party. 

Read on below for tips on hosting a brunch that looks homemade. Added bonus? You might get nicknamed “the hostess with the Mostess”!

Brunch Menu:

Rustic Rosemary Quiche Lorraine

Springtime Scones with Honey

Garden Fresh Cake

Rose Spritzer

Sweet Tea

What you’ll need:

Quiche Lorraine of choice. If you’re located in Houston, I recommend Central Market’s or the Junior League of Houston’s.

1 Fresh tomato

Fresh rosemary (4-6 springs)

Italian seasoning (optional)

Scones of choice

Fresh berries (blueberries are always a crowd pleaser)

Honey or Jam

6 or 9 inch cake with plain white buttercream icing

Handful of fresh flowers with strong stems (like roses)

Sweat Tea (we like using our Instant Ice Tea recipe in our Spring Box)

Rosé wine

Cocktail bitters

Sparkling water

Tricks of the Trade

Rustic Rosemary Quiche 

 -Preheat oven (following instructions on the quiche).

-Prep tomato by cutting into half moon-shaped pieces (cut enough to cover the perimeter of the quiche).

-Rinse rosemary and pat dry with a paper towel.

-Remove quiche from packaging and place inside an oven safe pie dish.

-Place tomato slices around the perimeter of the quiche.

-Sprinkle tomatoes with Italian Herb Seasoning and salt.

-Gently place rosemary around the perimeter of the quiche. To secure it, you can gently push it down in the space between the edge of the quiche and the pie dish.

-Follow heating and/or baking instructions on the quiche.

Springtime Scones

– Gently warm scones (microwave or pop them in the oven for a few minutes).

– Stack scones on a platter or serving dish. I used our Signature Mostess Marble Cheese Boards.

– Decorate with fresh berries and serve with a small dish of honey or jam.

Garden Fresh Cake

-Place cake on a cake stand.

-Rinse fruit.

-Cut stems off of flowers leaving about once inch and rinse.

-Starting at the bottom of the cake, press a single flower into the icing.

– Continue to place flowers in a curved line leading to the top. Accent with fresh berries, or sliced lemons or limes. Gently push the fruit into the buttercream icing until its secure.

Rose Spritzer

-Place fresh berries in wine glass.

-Add a few dashes of bitters (we love our Lavender Bitters from our Spring Box).

– Add chilled rosé.

-Top with a dash of sparkling water.

-Option to add a few ice cubes to make it extra chilled.

And Voilà! You have a beautifully presented, thoughtful, and delicious tasting brunch that is ready to serve in no time at all. Your friends and family will be quite impressed! Don’t forget to show off your hosting skills on Instagram. 😉


Do you have any go-to tricks for sprucing up store bought goods? We’d love to hear them in the comments below! Also, be sure to follow Mostess on Instagram for more hosting and entertaining tips!