One way we love to embrace new seasonal trends is to upgrade our accessories. For fall, we’re loving the statement handbags that are all over street style coverage and the shelves in our favorite stores. We’ve rounded up three handbag trends that we can’t wait to carry all season long. Happy shopping!

Clear Bags

image source Could I have that?

Accessories are meant to be a playful, and we are fans of the very playful clear handbag trend. They add a style statement to any outfit, whether you’re running around in jeans and a t-shirt or dressed up for an event. They also make it super easy to what you’ve packed and where items are in your purse! 

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Geometric Shapes

image source Fashion Jackson

From mini to ring handles, and circular to square, bold shaped bags are everywhere — and we love it! Now is the time to carry purses that aren’t the standard “tote” or “satchel” styles. 

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Fall Textiles

image source L.Avenue

This season fabrics like corduroy, suede, and velvet aren’t just making appearances on skirts and blazers, they’re also all over handbags. If you’ve been wondering how to get into the fall spirit while it’s still warm outside, a handbag made with fall textiles is the perfect solution! 

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Fisherman Net Bags

image source Atlantic-Pacific

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Top Handles

image source This Time Tomorrow

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Beaded Bags

image source The Stripe

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Which of these fall handbag trends are you excited to wear? Let us know in the comments below!