I am so excited to officially introduce our team and share our new office space with you all!  As most of you know from past post or IG stories, we have always called my home office home base for HoH.  But as the team grew and with the boys home most of the time (Andrew was only in a Mother’s Day Out two mornings a week), it was getting more and more difficult to have productive meetings without any distractions. With that, we are so excited to share that our team made the transition into our new WeWork digs, and we couldn’t be more excited!

The reasons why we love our new space are endless, but we’ve managed to pick the top five reasons we love this community and our little office retreat in case anyone else is considering a new space of their own.

1. Separating Work and Home Life

As a mother of two young kids, it’s easy to get caught-up in my seemingly endless list of mommy to-do’s — especially when the boys are home for most of the day during the summer. With my new WeWork office space, I’m able to get out of the house and totally focus on my work free of distractions. I honestly believe in being present in whatever it is you are doing, so I love having the clean separation of working when I am at work and being 100% with the boys when I am at home. I think it makes it easier for them, as well.  (Out of sight, out of mind.) 😉

2. Creative Inspiration

Our WeWork office was pretty much a blank canvas that our team was able to customize to our own personal style. The office came equipped with desks, chairs and filing cabinets, and we brought in some of our favorite pieces from my home office — my fun pink rug to give the room some warmth and personality, my clothing rack to prep for upcoming shoots, some of my favorite coffee table books to serve as endless inspiration, and, of course, no room is complete without fresh blooms and a fragrant candle burning.  But don’t forget the personal touches, as well.  My favorite desk accessories is a picture of the boys on the beach from our recent trip to North Carolina.

3. The Community

The WeWork community is an amazing perk on top of the actual space. Unlike old-school offices that can feel isolating and uninviting, WeWork encourages community in every sense of the word. The online forum allows members to connect and help each other out by sharing tips and resources, and the communal kitchen and lounge areas on each floor give members a place to get to know one another in a chill, open setting.  They are also wonderful about hosting numerous events from happy hours to educational seminars to provide ample opportunity to grow and connect with like-minded people and to support other local small businesses.

4. Awesome Amenities

WeWork is known for it’s top-notch amenities for members. Among our favorites: (free!) coffee with all the fixin’s, a fully-equipped kitchen on every floor, and a yummy snack and beverage kiosk, ‘The Honest Market’. On days we work through lunch, we also love to take advantage of the local vendors that come to the office — so far I think my favorite has been Chick-fil-A. 😉 And when we want to get the whole team together to talk big-picture strategy, or if we have a client coming in for a meeting, we love that we have access to fully-functional conference and meeting rooms equipped with a whiteboard and flatscreen TV for Skype sessions or conference calls.  The front desk also serves as your own personal assistant with shipping and receiving, guest check-in and anything else you may need assistance with along the way – they are always here to help.

5. Global Access

Lastly, we love that WeWork has offices in 24 countries and 24 U.S. cities. Our team has a safe and convenient place to work regardless of whether we’re working from our home base in Houston or traveling across the country. Kathryn is actually in New York City today and I was in San Francisco last week so we are already taking advantage of this one!

We also updated our ‘meet the team‘ page so you can get to know everyone a little better.  I realized if you missed the intros on IG stories, you may not be familiar with who everyone is and what role they play on the team so I am excited to officially introduce the team on the blog, as well.

Flip through our slide show below for more pics of our new space:

Photographed by Kate Robinson