how to get the sun kissed look

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We’re officially in the dog days of summer, which are no friend to our daily beauty routines. We were always in awe when someone appeared to have an effortless summer glow while we dabbed our foreheads and reapply powder in the bathroom so we set out to find the secret to that effortless summer glow… 

If you’ve ever found yourself in a similar sweaty dilemma, we are sharing our tried and tested easy steps (and products) to feel confident about your summer look, and to glow rather than glisten!  (And if it works for us in Houston, we can pretty much guarantee it for anyone!)

Wash your face morning and night

Even if you thoroughly wash your face in the evenings, take the time to use a gentle cleanser in the morning for a fresh canvas free of any oils that may have built up over night. Thanks to the summer temps, you will have plenty of perspiration during the day, so this is how you can get one step ahead of the heat before leaving the house. We swear by the Kiehl’s Ultra Face Cleanser, but a basic drugstore cleanser like Cetaphil will get the job done. We also like to add a gentle exfoliator to our skin care routine a few times a week to really clear our pores and create a perfectly clean blank slate to achieve a healthy summer glow.

Moisturize Daily

Don’t skip this step! Even though the heat will cause your skin to perspire, it’s important to not end up in a dry and oily skin scenario during the summer months. Prime your face with a moisturizer that builds on gradually and isn’t too thick. We like Glossier’s Priming Moisturizer that adds a little texture to your skin and minimizes pores. This will help your face appear effortlessly dewy instead of, well, sweaty.

Apply a Lightweight Facial Sunscreen

Your dermatologist, like ours, has probably emphasized repeatedly that you should apply sunscreen daily. This is especially important in the summer when your skin is more prone to burning. We like a facial sunscreen that is lightweight and made to wear under make-up, like SkinCeuticals Physical Fusion UV Defense SPF 50. This formula doesn’t weigh down our skin, leave residue, or feel sticky in any way. Our makeup layers smoothly on top, and we love the subtle, summery scent. Remember, a summer glow is impossible to achieve when you’re sunburned, so don’t skimp on the daily sun protection!

Use Minimal Makeup

One of the beauty benefits of summer is that your skin is more likely to have a nice, flush color. Because of this built in base, we like to keep the overall face makeup light to allow the skin to breath.  Opt for a BB Cream or tinted moisturizer instead of your usual foundation, and dot your concealer where needed instead of generously applying. Dust on a pink blush for a natural, sun kissed look and add a swipe of bronzer to darken your overall complexion. The goal is less is more since the seasonal heat causes makeup to melt, which makes us look even more sweaty, and is also bad news for our white and pastel-colored summer clothes.

Create a glisten with a highlighter + gloss

A little shimmer goes a long way. We love a subtle sparkle when our face hits the sunlight just so. Apply a highlighter on cheekbones, brow bones, and lips. Even if you’re in a white v-neck tee and denim shorts, this little trick will make you feel glamorous!

Set with Loose Powder

The last step of your summer beauty routine should be a layer of lightweight, loose powder. Take a powder brush and lightly press the powder onto your face to set your makeup and prevent any smudging from the heat. You can even use baby powder for this step! After applying powder, we like to take it one step further and blot with an oil absorbing sheet, like these from Clean and Clear that you can throw in your bag.