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March 4th, 2013

mi casa es su casa

enter (2)
As promised, here is a long overdue peek into our apartment.  If you remember our last place (seen here) in the Upper West Side, you may notice a color scheme change.  When we moved last May, I was in the mood for a change.  It is amazing how you can really transform the look with a few simple updates (curtains, rug + pillows).

living room
I went with a blue color scheme because it feels cool and calming, but mostly because I am always drawn to the color.  (Remember when I shared this mood board.)  I had fun picking out different patterns and mixing shades of blue until I found (to me) the perfect mix.  It was important to add a few modern patterns, if you will, to keep our antique furniture looking young.
window (2)
If you want to give this look a try, I suggest sticking to one or two colors. Then, find your favorite patterns within that color family.  A few styles I would start playing with are: a solid in your favorite texture (our sofa pillows), a version of a stripe or check (our rug), a floral or paisley print (our curtains), and a large round print such as ikat or trellis (our accent pillows).  Greek key is another current favorite of mine so I used it in the trim of our sofa pillows (seen here).
window (1)
If you are like me and are always itching to rearrange, add something here or there, or change the look all together, I suggest purchasing furniture in neutral shades.  I love having a white sofa and chair that provide a neutral color palate for any room.  If we ever want to use the chair for a desk in an office or the sofa in another room, it will be a guaranteed match.
Speaking of always thinking about the next thing, I am currently saving up for a more grown up sofa.  We purchased this as a cheap temporary solution when we moved to the city since we weren’t sure how long we would be here.  It has served it’s purpose and provided a place to sleep for many visitors, but I am ready for a more feminine and a little more formal version (still in white, of course).  A few I have my eye on are here & here.
coffee table (2)
With all the shades of blue, I decided to add one accent color. Because I love our imari lamps, I kept with the color scheme and went with an orange. I only have one pillow in the color, but I love to bring it out more with fresh flowers on the coffee table. Fresh flowers add such a nice touch to any room. Plus, they are so affordable in New York; I can’t help but to pick them up on the weekends.
coffee table (1b)
With the small square footage most New York apartments have to offer, I love the flow of an open layout.  Our kitchen opens into the living room making the apartment feel larger than it actually is.  Plus, it is great for entertaining.
bar tray (3)
This Pottery Barn serving tray is so functional.  I use it in the kitchen as mini bar when hosting friends, for lazy weekend breakfasts in bed and dinners served on the coffee table.
bar tray

The grand tour ends with our little bathroom.  There isn’t much to see, but I have an antique tray to serve as a catch-all for jewelry and lip glosses.  And, I love storing my make-up brushes and cotton balls in these antique jars.
bathroom (3)
bathroom (1)

If you missed our bedroom post, you can check it out here!


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18 Responses to “mi casa es su casa”

  1. Caitlin Wilson   03/04/2013

    How fun! I just recently moved into my first apartment two weeks ago and currently love seeing how other people decorate theirs. Thanks for sharing!


    • caroline knapp Post author   03/04/2013

      I know, right?! Double date soon at our place – we owe y’all one a few! :)

  2. Katie @ Katie's Bliss   03/04/2013

    Love how you used blue as an accent color – I love it because it’s gender neutral. I also love your mix of antique and modern accents :)

  3. Erin   03/04/2013

    Love the blue color scheme! It’s so pretty!

  4. Ellen   03/05/2013

    What a gorgeous home for 2 beautiful people! Wanna come do mine next

  5. Lindsey   03/06/2013

    I love the blue and orange together. It really pops against the neutral furniture! Can you tell me where your accent chair is from? The one with the studs? Thanks!

  6. Dianna, The Budget Babe   03/06/2013

    your home is gorgeous and such a perfect reflection of your style! you should submit this to Apartment Therapy :)

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  8. Rebecca Woodcock   03/11/2013

    I love it! Looks like you’ve mastered complementing both tastes together!

  9. Faith   03/12/2013

    Beautiful home!

  10. monika vilardo   03/24/2013

    I love your color scheme! absolutely stunning apt you have

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