This week (and every week!) we encourage you to participate in our Kindness Challenge. With so much negativity and tragedy in the world, a simple act of kindness can go a long way in helping to restore hope and a sense of community. You know the saying that everyone you meet is fighting a harder battle? With these small gestures, you can make a difference in someone’s life; you might not ever realize the impact you made on them. Hopefully that person will pay it forward, and give a little ray of sunshine to someone else who needs encouragement.

Photo courtesy of Oh Happy Day

Send Snail Mail

Handwritten notes are so rare these days, which is unfortunate because there is something really special about receiving a letter in the mail. Take the time this week to write a note to someone you know who might be going through a difficult time and could use a word of encouragement. Sometimes small surprises and acts of kindness are the best kind.

Buy Coffee for a Stranger

Be the person to treat someone in line behind you at the coffee shop to a cup of jo. It might feel awkward, but you could seriously brighten someone’s morning (and your day will be brightened too). Or, buy an extra coffee for someone at the office who needs a little pick me up or a nod of appreciation.

Photo courtesy of Camille Styles

Lend a Helping Hand to a Neighbor

Do you know someone in your neighborhood who has been sick, recently had a baby, or is older and can’t get out much? Offer to pick them up something from the grocery store, or just bring a treat over to them without asking. Maybe they need a ride somewhere, a picture hung, or could just use a friendly chat. Help restore a sense of community in your neighborhood, and give a neighbor the comfort of knowing that someone close by is looking out for them.

Gift a Homemade Treat

Who doesn’t love a little weeknight baking, especially during the fall months? Bake your favorite seasonal recipe for someone (or multiple people) who you know would love an unexpected treat. Maybe they are going through a difficult time, or maybe they have helped you through something recently. Everyone loves a baked good, and more importantly, it feels great to know that someone was thinking of you.