One way we develop and grow as individuals is by trying out new things that we aren’t comfortable with. Unfortunately our fears and insecurities hold us back more often that we would like to admit. It’s so easy to get stuck in our routine and stick to what feels safe — but how do we become better people if we remain stagnant? 

We’ve found that whenever we do venture outside of our normal routine, we have amazing experiences that leave us feeling motivated and help us discover new things about ourselves and others. This month we’re actively pursuing goals that will encourage us to step outside of our comfort zones and help us overcome any deep-seated insecurities. Here are a few steps that we are taking — new experiences, here we come!

Grab Coffee With Someone You Admire

Instead of admiring someone’s career from afar, muster up the courage to reach out and offer to treat them to coffee. You will be pleasantly surprised that most people are willing to offer advice. Chances are you’ll leave the meeting feeling inspired and you never know where a conversation could lead; I’ve had coffee meetings that result in new job opportunities. If you don’t have direct contact information, be resourceful and reach out through LinkedIn or social media – I’ve successfully done this a few times and have had people reach out to me this way! 

Launch a Side Hustle

We all have dreams and talents outside of our day jobs, and we often find ourselves fantasizing about launching a side business. Whether it’s baking, writing, crafting, designing or anything in between, take the first step to launch your side hustle. Starting a new passion project will push you creatively and professionally as you utilize skills and pursue interests outside of the office.

Pursue a new (or old) hobby

If you’ve been meaning to learn a new language, take a fine arts class or sign up for an intramural team, now is the time! Learning a new skill or honing in on one of your talents is a fantastic creative outlet and also exposes you to different types of people who you normally wouldn’t have interacted with. If you’ve put one of your hobbies on the back burner, dust it off and dive back in — you’ll feel a sense of accomplishment and excitement in pursuing something that you’re passionate about.

Host a Gathering

If you’re a born hostess, this one probably isn’t a stretch, but for those of us who feel a sense of panic when throwing a party, hear me out! Planning an event for a group of friends is a great way to exercise your creativity and to take charge in a way that you might not usually feel comfortable with. We suggest taking it a step further and inviting friends from different groups. Even better, ask everyone to bring a friend so that you also meet new people.


If you aren’t already plugged into a nonprofit or charity organization, now is a great time to research volunteer opportunities for a cause you feel passionate about. It can be difficult to commit to an ongoing volunteer role, but there are many opportunities where you can lend a day or even an hour of your time. There are also volunteer needs that can be done remotely. Sometimes it can feel uncomfortable showing up to an unfamiliar place or situation and not knowing what to expect (especially if you’re on your own), but seeing how you are impacting people’s lives makes it entirely worth it.

Travel Somewhere New 

Traveling to an unfamiliar destination is an excellent way to broaden your perspective. I try to set a goal of traveling to a foreign country once a year. While it can be intimidating to be an outsider, it forces you to navigate uncomfortable scenarios (like language barriers and misinterpreted directions) that are completely outside of your control. With an open mind you will overcome the initial culture shock and find yourself feeling inspired by a new way of life and unfamiliar surroundings.