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When it comes to balancing our jobs, home life, and personal schedules, we will take all of the help we can get! While there are times when we regret how much attention we devote to our iPhones, we are also thankful for the ways it helps us stay organized and streamline our daily activities when we are on the go.

Today we are sharing a list of eight must-have apps that keep us efficient (and sane!) during the craziest of weeks. As we approach the end of summer and jump back into school, we will be counting on these mobile lifesavers more than ever!  What Apps have helped you make the most of your time?  Let us know what we should download next!

1. Amazon

If you’re like us, you remember an important item that you’ve been meaning to order when you’re away from your computer, only to forget about it by the time you’re back home. The Amazon app has helped us remedy this dilemma, and now we are able to easily order things at the reach of our hand right then and there! Anytime we can cross something off of our list while running around or just enjoying quality time with family, we feel a sense of accomplishment.


Whether you are editing photos for your social media platforms, or just to share with friends and family, an editing app is a time efficient way to jazz up the snaps you take on the go. We love using VSCO, an intuitive editing tool that makes our iPhone pics look like professional shots. (Our favorite is F2 at about 50% + increase the exposure by +1 and the contrast by +1).  If you’re an avid Instagram user, we would also suggest downloading Planoly, a beautifully designed and easy-to-use platform that allows you visually map out your upcoming posts.

3. The Nest

If you’re out and about as much as we are, and especially if you have children, we would highly recommend The Nest app. The Nest monitors your home while you’re away, and allows you to control home settings from afar including the thermostat, smoke alarm and security cameras. If there’s smoke or carbon monoxide in your house, the app will alert you, which is very comforting when you’re traveling or even just enjoying a date night and want to know your children are at home with a sitter. All products are sold separately, but Caroline swears by them all!  In short, this app + products give you peace of mind, which is priceless!

4. Google Drive 

Thanks to technology, in today’s society we are almost always reachable and “on the clock” when it comes to work. Even if we aren’t at our desks, we like the ability to take care of quick time sensitive tasks efficiently. The Google Drive app gives us access to all of our documents so that we can easily send and share files and photos in a matter of seconds. It’s a great feeling to get those little to-do’s accomplished while waiting in line or before an appointment!

5. Venmo

It’s difficult for us to imagine a world without Venmo now that we have grown accustomed to it. This app is the BEST for splitting up the bill at large dinners, sorting out group travel costs, or simply reimbursing someone on the spot. The app is super easy to use and doesn’t charge banking fees or cause significant payment delays. To avoid potentially awkward (and lengthy) discussions of who owes what, simply download the app and say “I’ll venmo you!”

6. UberEats / Favor

We’ve all been there before; you’re starving and caught in the middle of a meeting, or with the kiddos at home and the thought of rounding up everyone to run out and grab food is a unappetizing. UberEats, and Texas local app Favor, have literally felt like lifesavers on multiple occasions. Both apps are super simple to use, speedy, and have dozens of delicious options to choose from.  We are guilty of ordering in for working team lunches and family dinners (especially nights when Fred is traveling).

7. InstaCart

InstaCart is literally a dream come true. This app provides a personal shopper who can cross off your grocery list at Whole Foods, make a product run to CVS, pick up a bottle of wine at Spec’s, and lots more. Your order is delivered the same day, and the app gives you access to exclusive product deals. This is another necessity for moms who are tied up at the office all day or who are at home with the kids and can’t break away!  Since Caroline started using it she swears she is cooking more because their is never the “we don’t have groceries” excuse.  (When you think about it that way, the small fees could still be saving you money if it’s preventing you from eating out.)

8. Dropbox

Dropbox is an excellent organizational tool for both personal and professional use. The website and app allow you to easily store, access, and share all of your files and photos. We are fans of the Dropbox app because it syncs to your phone and automatically backs up photos.  We capture so many images each day, and the Dropbox app keeps us from having to worry about regularly backing up our phones. The app also comes in handy when we need an important document while on the go, like at the airport or doctor’s offices.  Most importantly, I love the peace of mind it gives knowing if we lost our phone today, we wouldn’t loose any priceless photos.

What do we need to download next?  We are always looking for the next best thing!