Caroline shares her Christmas Table Setting

With the holiday season in full swing we’ve been running around to events, knocking out our holiday shopping lists, and wrapping up our 2017 work to-dos. It’s easy to get swept up in all of the planning and logistics, and to forget to take time to cherish special moments and make new Christmas memories. We’re sharing ten of our personal tips for slowing down and enjoying the spirit of the season so that the holidays don’t pass by too quickly this year.

1. Cross Off Your Holiday Shopping Now

We know, easier said than done, but we love knocking out our holiday shopping early so that we can actually relax and enjoy all of the festivities! We’re here to help you with your list this year. Head over to our gift guide for inspiration and crowd-free shopping!

2. Light a Woodsy Candle and Watch Your Favorite Holiday Movies

If you haven’t already, plan a date night with yourself, significant other, or friends to watch your favorite holiday movies. There are few things that make us feel more warm and fuzzy inside than being curled up with hot tea, a flickering candle and Love Actually or Elf on TV.

3. Host a Wine and Baking Get-Together

We love a low key evening at home with friends or our significant other that consists of delicious vino and baking homemade holiday treats. Keep it casual by encouraging friends to wear athleisure attire, and make a point to get this on the calendar so that it actually happens!

4. Take Time to Journal

It’s important to us to be mindful of why we are celebrating Christmas and to not get wrapped up in the hustle and bustle and obligations. Keeping a daily prayer journal during Advent is a great way to keep our focus on the true meaning of Christmas and to avoid getting weighed down with holiday season stresses. Whether you are focusing on the religious aspects of the holidays or just needing a clear mind and goals going into 2018, take time to reflect on the previous year in a journal and keep note of special holiday moments.

5. Volunteer

There is nothing more in line with the holiday spirit than seeing those in need uplifted and encouraged. Whether it’s donating toys, providing meals, or spending time with people who need love and support, find a way to celebrate the spirit of the season by truly making a difference.

6. Attend a Holiday Performance

Dressing up and attending a holiday performance, like the Nutcracker, symphony, or a Christmas play, is one of our favorite festive traditions. Check your local calendars and see what is showing. You may even find some free holiday events happening in your local area.

7. Cozy Up By the Fire With a New Book

It doesn’t feel like the holiday season without some true R&R by the fireside (even if it’s 75 degrees out!). Our goal is to start and finish a new book this month. Here is a list of new books to read this holiday season from Southern Living.

8. Bake Holiday Treats for the Neighbors Just Because

We love pulling out our KitchenAid mixer (on sale now at Target!) this time of year to whip up family dessert recipes. Next time you’re baking, make an extra batch to hand out to the neighbors as a nice holiday gesture. Spreading holiday cheer is one of the best methods for really feeling like it’s Christmas!

9. Drive Around and Look at Christmas Lights

This one might seem obvious, but sometimes we let it slip through the cracks! We love driving around looking at all of the beautiful lights while blaring Christmas music and drinking hot cocoa. It doesn’t get any better!

10. Organize Family Game Night

The holidays are meant for family bonding, and game night is our favorite way to get in quality time with our loved ones. Whether it’s a board game, puzzle, cards, or a parlor game, organize a night that works for everyone and make sure to have a great holiday soundtrack and a festive cocktail for the 21+ year old gamers. 🙂