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I can’t believe that it’s the last weekend of July! We escaped the Houston heat last week for Telluride but have actually been pleasantly surprised by the weather here at home!

I’m not ready for school to start back in a few weeks — we’ll be knocking out our summer bucket list in the meantime! In the spirit of embracing the last few weeks of summer, I’m sharing our favorite snow cone place in Houston, a summer beauty tip, and the boy’s favorite summer book! xo

Account I’m Following: @theceh is a Dallas-based family owned business that offers beautiful bespoke furniture. Follow them if you are looking for home inspo!

Listening To: The Skinny Confidential Podcast is one of my favorites. Lauryn covers everything from beauty and wellness to business and relationships, and she is so entertaining! I loved getting to interview Lauryn for our Talk Shop series last year.

About Town: I love taking the boys to Snowballs at Bebidas for snow cones during the summer. They offer great natural flavors like watermelon and peach mango (my faves) and bubblegum and cotton candy which the boys love!

Beauty Product I’m Loving: This is the cleansing face mask I use between facials. It keeps my skin looking clear and healthy, which is necessary in between summer travels and in this Houston heat!

Adding To Cart: I’ve had my eye on the Sly Beauty Ever Need Cosmetic Case since I first heard about it from Rachel Parcel!

Boys Are Loving: Going to the library to pick out new bedtime books (so sweet!). Their current favorite is Pete The Cat!

Can’t Stop Wearing: My new favorite denim jeans!

Current Life Hack: A lash lift and tint from Chic Lash is the perfect way to leave me feeling put together without any makeup on. I’ll be sharing more about this next week!

Brand You Should Know: My friend Lyndsey Zorich launched her online shop The Avenue earlier this year and it’s already turned into one of my go-to destinations for chic clothing, accessories, and home decor!

Currently Reading: If you haven’t subscribed to #5SmartReads from @hithapalepu do it now! You can also read my interview with Hitha here.