House of Harper Weekend Reading

Happy Saturday! We’re enjoying a weekend at home before we head to the ranch for Easter. Forecast says thunderstorms so planning to get caught up on some things around the house. I hope you have a wonderful weekend and enjoy these reads! xo

5 Ways to Switch Your Brain Off At Night: Brighton shares her night time routine and tips for how she decompresses and transitions into sleep mode. 

How To Find A Therapist: As a part of her Wellness Wednesday series Kat is providing helpful details on finding a therapist — from how much therapy costs and how to find the right person for you.

These are the Best Interior Design Accounts to Follow On Instagram: All about using Instagram as an interior design resource!

How To Start A Podcast ( + Live Show Pics and Our Story ): My friend Grace of The Stripe has an amazing podcast and she’s sharing details on how to start one of your own — I’ve really been thinking about it!

5 Ways To Help You Raise Emotionally Intelligent Boys: This excerpt from the book How To Raise a Boy by Michael C. Reichert, Ph.D shares five steps for raising emotionally intelligent sons. Love reads like this!