I hope you’re having a great weekend so far! There have been lots of exciting launches this week, including the debut of Reese Witherspoon’s new book and the CB2 x goop furniture collaboration. I’m sharing details on these below in our Weekend Reading list, as well as some inspirational reads. Hope you enjoy!

How to Achieve an Unbalanced Life (A Must-Read for Recovering Perfectionists): Everywhere we look people seem to be pursuing the ever-illusive ‘balanced life.’ As a self-proclaimed recovering perfectionist, career-woman, wife and mama Abbie Boudreau knew the feeling all too well before she came to the realization that the quest for ‘balance’ in her life was doing more harm than good. 

Two New Books to Help You Accept That No Parent Is Perfect: There is no clear-cut road map or checklist for navigating the ever-complicated job of a parent. The constant scrutiny of parents from the outside world only compiles the stress that comes with parenting, and can often lead to feelings of guilt or inadequacy. In her new book Small Animals: Parenting in the Age of  Fear, author Kim Brooks tells her story of facing significant public scrutiny for a her parenting and how her view of parenting in our culture today changed because of it. Taking a more upbeat, practical approach, author KJ Dell’Anontia offers a realistic guide to parenting in a day and age when it seems like parents can’t do anything right in her book How to Be a Happier Parent.

Reese Witherspoon Talks Southern Hairstyles and Recipes in Whiskey in a Teacup: Reese Witherspoon made her literary debut with the release of her first book, Whiskey in a Teacup, earlier this week. Not only is this coffee table book cute enough to put on display, it’s also full of inspirational and empowering messages for women that Reese picked up from the strong female figures in her life.

Goop x CB2: The notoriously chic, effortless style of Gwyneth Paltrow is now available with the Goop x CB2 design collaboration. The creative minds at Goop and CB2 came together to create a collection of simultaneously eclectic and aesthetically harmonious pieces to make your home feel personal, chic and inviting. Plus, the functionality of the pieces makes them perfect for the polished yet kid-friendly home. Like these adorable wicker baskets – I could totally use them to organize the boys’ toys while still achieving that rustic-chic vibe. A few of my other favorites include this gold stoking set, this stainless steel etagere, and this velvet sofa + ottoman.

The 9 Most Anticipated Podcasts of Fall 2018: Fall is the perfect time to get cozy and binge one of the many critically-acclaimed thriller podcasts out there. From eerie tales about the American prison system to dystopic stories about artificial intelligence, this list of the most highly-anticipated podcasts of the fall are sure to get you excited for spooky season!