We have some amazing articles for you to enjoy this weekend! From Mandy Moore’s beautiful home tour to a back-to-school meal plan from our friend Marcia Smart, we hope these reads will be both inspiring and helpful! xo

1. Mandy Moore’s LA Home Tour: Let’s be honest, I could look at home tours all day – especially now that we are in the process of building our family’s ranch house.  Mandy Moore’s bright and airy mid-century L.A. home remodel is gorgeous and makes me crave another visit to California!

2. What 30 Women Over 30 Would Tell Their 20 Year Old Self: I love these words of wisdom that remind us that perspective is important. Your 20s are so much fun, but also full of unknowns and uncertainty. Whether or not you’re in your 20s, I think you’ll appreciate these reflective sentiments.

3. Foods That Target Anxiety & Depression: More and more studies are showing that food has a direct impact on multiple aspects of our health. It makes sense that what we put in our body would affect both our physical and mental well-being. This WSJ article points out foods that are particularly beneficial to combatting anxiety and depression.  (Did you catch our article on mental health?)

4. 5 Expert Learnings on Conflict Resolution: No one likes conflict in relationships, whether it’s at home, work, or with friends. These expert learnings from Houston’s own research professor Brené Brown provide helpful guidance on navigating successful conflict resolution.

5. Back to School Meal Planning: We were so excited to see our talented friend Marcia Smart‘s back to school meal plan in the latest Houston Chronicle issue. She is so talented at simplifying the cooking process for busy families, and we can’t wait to try out these dinner recipes!  Congratulations Marcia!