Happy weekend from Colorado! We’re here with my family on our annual Harper family summer trip, and it feels so nice to be out of the Texas heat. As always, I’m sharing our team’s favorite Weekend Reading links from around the web, and we’ve got some really good ones this week! Have you heard about “JOMO” (joy of missing out)? It’s all about disconnecting and avoiding FOMO — totally speaking my language! Read on below for more about this new buzz term as well as easy ways to cut spending habits, a delicious summer pasta recipe, and more!

1. DIY Natural Bug Repellent: With the Texas humidity comes mosquitos – and lots of them. In addition to sunscreen, bug spray is an absolute must for kiddos during an afternoon of romping around outside. We love this DIY essential oil based bug spray that provides protection without the harmful chemicals of a drugstore brand insect repellent.

2. How to Make This the Summer of Missing Out: JOMO (joy of missing out) is a new buzz word that is all about disconnecting and ridding yourself of the burden of FOMO (fear of missing out) that comes with addictive technology habits. It’s so easy to get sucked down the Instagram rabbit hole, but this article details ways to be intentional about your digital consumption and successfully ditch your smartphone.

3. 7 Female Powerhouses Share Their Best Advice for Starting a Business: We’re all about women supporting women and encouraging the #GirlBoss in everyone! Seven top female execs offer some words of wisdom on succeeding in the business world, from staying true to your mission and the importance self-care and being fiscally responsible.

4. 5 Ways to Cut Spending Habits This Month: It’s easy to get caught up in careless spending on familiar habits, like morning Starbucks runs for example (guilty!). This article discusses how to effectively track your spending to make you a more conscious consumer so that you can put your money towards the things you need instead of impulse buys.

5. An Easy Summer Pasta Salad Recipe: There’s nothing more delicious than a cold pasta salad packed with fresh veggies on a hot summer day. We love this healthy take on a classic pasta salad recipe that incorporates fresh ingredients like zucchini and asiago cheese – yum!

Have a great weekend! xo