We are taking advantage of the summer showers that have been hanging over Houston the past few days and spending a lot of quality time cuddled indoors.  Fred took Knox and some friends to the movie theatre on Wednesday and they are off to an Astros game this weekend so I have had a little time to catch up around the house which is pretty rare and very much appreciated!  We will be out of town the next three weekends with a trip to my sisters, a girls trip to LA and a family trip to Colorado coming up on our calendar.

As always, here are our favorite links from around the web this week!

10 Parenting Tips to Preserve Summer Sanity – I loved this take of summer parenting.  My kids are still a little young for some of the advice, but I know my best memories of summers weren’t always the amazing trip we took or the orchestrated play dates.  Some of my fondest memories are what we would do with our ‘boredom’.

“Resist the urge to “fix” their boredom. You’ll be amazed at what they come up with while you’re giving them thumbs up from your shady spot on the patio.”

19 Things Meghan Markle Would Buy From Zara – I miss being able to stroll in to Zara living in NYC.  The closest one to my now is in the Galleria and if you live in Houston you understand why I avoid it at all cost.  I loved this fun edit of some Zara favorites.

Introvert-Approved Tips for Making New Friends – Four expert-recommended, introvert-approved tips for making friends when small talk is your worst nightmare. As a introvert myself, I found this article interesting and accurate in a lot of ways.  Since living in four cities in my adult life, I have learned to become more outgoing and extroverted out of need, but a night in with my inner circle will always be my favorite option. 😉

What Insiders Look for When Buying Sheets Online – Maybe I just found this article interesting because we are in the market for new sheets, but does anyone else think this is such a daunting purchase?  I mean, very few things could be more important than your sheets.  Have any of you tried Boll and Branch?  I think I am about to pull the trigger on these.

Grapefruit Paloma Recipe – This lower calorie cocktail is delicious and perfect for summer poolside celebrations!