1. Man Repeller Talks About Low Self-Esteem: Leandra Medine, the incredibly smart, stylish founder of blog Man Repeller, opened up about her issues with low self esteem and I admire her transparency on the topic. It’s very encouraging to know that everyone struggles with self doubt, no matter how successful they are, and that we can all support each other through these tough moments.

2. A Moment Of Silence For Florida: There are no words to describe the grief and devastation from the school shooting in Parkland, Florida last week. In this article Joanna Goddard of A Cup of Jo talks about ways we can help.

3. 20 Random Acts Of Kindness To Perform Today: This article felt very appropriate after the tragedy in our country last week. Now more than ever, we are reminded to focus on uplifting others and doing good in our communities.

4.  *Major* Nordstrom Winter Sale! : We love an end of season sale and Nordstrom’s Winter Sale is hard to beat! There are plenty of jackets and sweaters but also dresses, tops, and handbags that will carry into spring. Happy shopping!

5. Fashion Brands Biggest Problem: Fake Followers: Somewhat of a taboo subject in the influencer world, fake followers have become a major problem for brands who are investing in bloggers and influencers who have deceivingly large followings. Enjoy this super interesting read about the fake followers dilemma!