House of Harper Book Club - Books to cozy up with this fall

I’m counting down the days until we have crisp fall weather in Houston and I can cozy up on the couch with my favorite candle and a good book. In the meantime, I’ll be cranking down the A/C and pretending! 😉 Our team wanted to share 5 books that we’re curling up and reading this season. Happy reading! xo

House of Harper Book Club: Books to cozy up with this fall

American Royals: This entertaining fictional read considers what it would have been like in the U.S. if George Washington had been made king instead of president after the Revolutionary War, and if his royal descendants were still around in present day. Super interesting to think about!!

Nothing Ventured: If you are a fan of Jeffery Archer’s Clifton Chronicles (a 7 book series that begins in 1920s England), you’ll love the first book of his new series! Nothing Ventured introduces William Warwick on his journey to becoming a detective.

One Day in December: This love story starts with a chance encounter between Laurie and Jack at a bus stop on a December day. When she runs into him by chance again at Christmas, Jack is on the arm of Laurie’s best friend. This Reese Witherspoon book club pick is a definite cold weather read!

A Gentleman in Moscow: This heartwarming story set in 1920s Russia explores history unfolding from the view of a man who is sentenced to spend his life under house arrest in Moscow’s glamorous Metropol Hotel.

The Dutch House: Ann Patchett’s new book tells the story of two siblings and their strong connection to the family home that they were exiled from by their stepmother. The story spans five decades and digs deep into the relationships of a complex and dysfunctional family.