{Kinkaku Golden Temple}


{pretty flowers at the resort}

{view from town}

{transportation to the resort}

{Hoshinoya Kyoto}

{traditional Japanese tea making ceremony}

{traditional Japanese clothing}

{scenic walk way}


{Nijo’s Castle}

{for good luck}

We are back to New York and my internal clock is finally back on New York time, as well.  When we last spoke about our trip, I was on a train from Tokyo to Kyoto.  We were only in Kyoto for one night, but it was one of my favorite experiences.  Kyoto is known as Japan’s most beautiful city and is ranked among the most romantic cities in the world.  We stayed at the exquisite Hoshinoya Kyoto, a ryokan, or traditional inn.  Dinner is a prefixed menu of what is caught fresh that day and breakfast is served in your own living room.  They even leave traditional Japanese clothes and shoes in your room that you wear around the resort.  For a complete cultural experience, I can not recommend this hotel enough.

Stay tuned for more Travel Diaries from Beijing and Shanghai this week!