FMK has some time off this summer between graduation and starting his new job so we have tried to take full advantage of this, possibly, once in a life time opportunity.  As you may have noticed, we are packing in every trip we can this summer.  Although we have had amazing travels so far, it is beginning to feel like we live out of our suitcases more than our home.

Last night, as I was unpacking my beach bag and repacking for Colorado, FMK said, “Since you are so good at that, will you pack for me too?”  Although, I completely realize this was more of him wanting my help than an actual compliment, it got me thinking that a few of you might like me to pack for you, as well.  Since, I can’t be with you in the flesh before your next city escape, here are my top 5 packing tips to help you get through it.

1. Take pictures with your iphone: of all the outfits (including accessories) as you are packing.  I love flipping through them while I am traveling to see my options for the day and to get friend’s opinions.  Plus, this ensures I don’t forget anything.

2. Stick with a color scheme: so you can mix and match between outfits (Click here to see how I did this on our trip to Asia.)

3. Roll your clothes:  This saves space and prevents wrinkles. (Lay the item face down, fold back the sleeves and then roll from the bottom up.)  If you must fold some items, fold in pairs. This gives each item some extra padding so it’s less likely to crease in the folds.

4. Tissue paper: For evening dresses and/or more delicate items, wrap tissue paper around the article to prevent wrinkles and damage. (Fold it up with the tissue paper inside.)

5. Use zip lock bags or pouches: to organize jewelry, bathroom essentials and electronics.

What are your packing tips?