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Our family was asked by Bugaboo to take the new Bugaboo Bee3 stroller on a trip to test the new features. As a Bugaboo Bee owner and fan, we happily obliged!  We picked San Francisco for our destination since it had been a while since we made it to the west coast.  Plus, we partnered with Kid & Coe for our housing and there was the most amazing home available in Oakland, just a short drive from the city.

As I mentioned in my past travel tips, we gate check our stroller when flying to keep it with us as long as possible!  We find it easier to have Knox contained and we can store our luggage in the basket under his seat or hook it to the bars. The Bugaboo Bee3 is extremely easy to collapse and store into the travel bag for safe keeping during the flight.

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 We arrived to this sweet note at the Dover Residence.

If you aren’t familiar with Kid & Coe (somehow it was new to me), it is a well-edited AirBnB / VRBO for families.  Every home available is a carefully selected property that is both beautiful and family friendly.  The concept is brilliant, you can leave your pack-n-play and toys behind because everything you need will be waiting for you at your destination.  The Dover family was so kind and left us a list of their favorite things to do in the area (all family friendly), and a list of other helpful information (like the best nearby grocery store).

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 We took these pictures of ‘Knox’s bedroom’.  It was an adorable bedroom with a crib and bunk bed that would easily sleep two children.  Knox slept in the baby bed and loved playing with all the new (to him) toys in the morning while FMK and I got ready for the big day ahead.  It was so nice to have entertainment in a kid safe room just across the hall from the master bedroom so we could keep an eye on him while we packed, got dressed, etc.

Photo Mar 10-15

As you can see, Knox quickly took to the laid back California vibe, and his new Bugaboo Bee3!

Our favorite new features of the Bugaboo Bee3:
* The improved redesigned base that allows for an even smoother ride.
*The new harness has 4 separate straps to easily strap your child in without having to pull their arms through a hole
*A more generously-sized stroller basket for baby essentials, yay!
*The Bugaboo Bee3 now has the same extendable sun canopy as the other 2014 Bugaboo stroller models, providing even more shelter for your little when it’s sunny outside!
*More color options!  We picked out this cute ice blue!

Photo Mar 07-13

 We headed to a local diner for breakfast the first morning, it was an easy stroll from the house and just what we needed to fuel up before our big day in the city!  This is a view of the outside of the Dover Residence. Isn’t it incredible!?

Photo Mar 07

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 When we got to the city, we parked our car near The Embarcadero because we knew it was best to get out and explore by foot.  First stop, FMK wanted to take Knox to see Giant’s stadium.

Photo Mar 07-3

 Next, we strolled along the water and took in the sights of the boats off the piers.

Photo Mar 07-15

Photo Mar 07-17

 My favorite stop is always the Farmer’s Market on Saturday mornings!  We settled for some Blue Bottle Coffee and food, but I wished I could take all the flowers and fresh fruit back to Texas with me!

Photo Mar 07-4

Photo Mar 07-11

 After a busy morning of exploring the city, Knox needed to come home for a nap so he could enjoy the rest of the day.  FMK and I lounged in the cute courtyard with a book while he slept.

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 The view of Alcatraz from Chrissy Beach.

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After Knox’s nap and a full day of exploring, we thought it would be fun to go watch the sunset at Chrissy Beach before catching an early dinner.  It was by far the highlight of our trip!

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  Knox hadn’t felt sand on his toes since our 4th of July trip to the Hamptons.  It took him a few minutes before he figured out how to walk on it without falling down.  The funniest was watching him try to stand back up without touching the sand with his hands.  ha ha!Photo Mar 07-6

Knox with his new Bee3!

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Photo Mar 07-8

 This photograph might be my favorite, ever.  These two have so much fun together!  I am so blessed to have these boys in my life.

Photo Mar 08-19

Photo Mar 08-20

Photo Mar 08-17

 After dinner we enjoyed a little more fun at the house before time for bed.  When we got home I had to get Knox a guitar and some stacking dolls because he loved theirs so much!

Photo Mar 10-14

 This is Knox getting off the plane in Houston.  We had to wake him up when we landed to get him to the car.  I love the way he sits in the Bugaboo Bee3, as if there was any question about it’s comfort!  ha ha!  Until next time, San Francisco!

Outfit details: 
On Me: dress: J.Crew | jacket: Rag & Bone | shoes: Madewell | hat: J.Crew | Sunglasses: Ray-ban
On Fred: short: J.Crew | shirt: J.Crew | sweater: J.Crew | shoes: New Balance
On Knox: t-shirt, stripe shirt, hoodie, linen shirt, shorts: Janie & Jack | sweat pants: Zara kids | Jeans: Gap | polo: Ralph Lauren

All images via our camera or iPhone.

Disclaimer: Airfare and lodging were provided by Bugaboo and Kid & Coe.