*Photos courtesy of Chloé Watts

We are so excited to bring you this month’s Talk Shop featuring founder of Chloe Digital, Chloé Watts.  A serious go getter, at the age of 16 she taught herself to code and began building her own websites, and at 25 she founded chloédigital, a full service agency that provides strategy, tech, design, and analysis for blogs. A native Londoner surrounded by friends in the fashion industry, Chloé noticed a significant gap between the creative fashion crowd and the stereotypical nerdy tech crowd. She also realized that she belonged to both crowds, and that she could combine her creative and technological skills to build websites that she wanted. After receiving multiple requests from blogger friends to help with their websites, she realized that she was onto something with her unique skill sets.

Fast forward to the present, and chloédigital now has an impressive roster of bloggers from around the world. (House of Harper included!) The agency’s growing team works with closely with their clients to problem solve development issues, design websites, and advise on SEO strategy.

We had the pleasure of chatting with Chloé about her career, as well as her thoughts on where the blogging and digital world is headed. Read on below for the full scoop!

Your career as a “fashion technologist” goes back to when you taught yourself how to code at age 15 on your Myspace page. What inspired you to start coding and what about coding/tech did you enjoy so much?

CW: Growing up I was a geek and still am. I think I got it from my Dad, I was always into tech and electronics. I used to spend all of my time after school on the computer playing around. When Myspace came out and you had to semi code your profile I became obsessed with coding. I loved that you could show off your creative side by coding something, that realization to me was major.

You launched chloédigital as a way to bridge the gap between fashion and technology by providing tech support to fashion bloggers beyond simply website development. Tell us a little about how the idea for chloédigital came about and how you initially spread the word about your company.

CW: chloédigital was born out of my passion for helping fashion bloggers who I admired build their blogs as businesses. I have always loved fashion and as I got into coding as a young adult I started to attract people who needed someone to digest tech in an easy way for them to understand, and I became that person. My network grew quite quickly as that was a niche at the time and the news started to spread. At the beginning I was only designing sites and doing one on one consulting but thought that to create a bigger impact I should turn it into a membership to help more people and to create a community of incredible women changing the game!

Your job requires both creative and tech skills. Tell us a little about your daily responsibilities. Do you divide up your role so that you are exercising both your creative and tech muscles

CW: To me they are so intertwined. To be a technologist you need to be creative as well. Now running a business with many clients and employees I spend more time working on the future of the company, however on the odd weekend you will find me coding something up!!

Chloédigital has grown significantly since you launched, both in terms of your impressive roster of top tier bloggers as well as your team. Have there been key decisions or moments in your business that you feel have contributed significantly to your success and leading your company to where it is today?

CW: Definitely, many key moments helped steer our success. I love to read and get so much inspiration from business books. One of my ultimate favorites is The E-Myth by Michael Gerber, this book actually was the catalyst to start the business in the first place. It is a MUST read for anyone pondering on an idea and who want to make it into a reality!

Influencer marketing and the blogging world have grown and shifted since you started your company. What do you think is next for influencer marketing? Any key words of advice for both bloggers and brands in how to best partner and succeed moving forward?

CW: It has changed SO much, and there are lots of positives. This industry has bred a whole new generation of entrepreneurs and its so exciting to be a part of it. I would say what I am noticing is more influencers truly understanding their worth as the gate keeper to an invested and engaged audience and what that can mean for them as a business and brands alike.

Describe your work style in a few words:

CW: Casual chic. I run around a lot so I like to be able to easily switch my look up from day to night if I have an event.

What is next for chloédigital? Is there anything you are particularly excited for in 2018?

CW: So much! We are continuing to grow and help our members build their empires and we will continue to build products to service them.

Your have said that your goal is to empower millennial women through technology. Tell us a little about this vision and how tech can be empowering for women, bloggers and otherwise.

CW: We rely on tech so much for our every day lives, both in our work and socially. I think its important for creative entrepreneurs to know how to use tech to build something for themselves and to not be afraid of it.

Technology is inherently always on. How do you unplug and unwind during the week?

 CW: My phone is always on do not disturb so I am always in control of when I tap back in. On the weekends I like to spend time with my loved ones who are not in our industry so I can soak in different life perspectives which I think ultimately helps make me a stronger person.

When you’re not at the office, you can be found:

CW: When I am not traveling, then at home — I am such a homebody!

Favorite part about living and working in London:

CW: You can get any food you like at any time! There is so much to do and some things I have not done yet even though I have lived here all my life!

Never leave home without:

CW: My phone and headphones!

Your mentor / role model:

CW: My parents, they have been such amazing role models since my childhood. They always taught me to stay positive through any situation.

If you weren’t running chloédigital, you would be:

CW: A teacher! I do that now through the business but I think it’s so important to share knowledge and help others.

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