Perhaps they are call ‘unmentionables’ for a reason, but today I am mentioning them.  It’s time to talk about our bra wardrobe.  They are one of those things we don’t really think about until we need one and by then it is usually too late.  So, let’s prevent that dreaded moment when you are getting ready for your holiday party – you’ve found the perfect dress only to discover that your bra is showing!  Gasp.

Get ahead of your holiday game and invest in these four bras that will never leave you in a panic again.  I am covering your bases (let’s just call it that) with my top 4 bra wardrobe essentials.

le mystere tback bra

First and foremost, we all need a great everyday bra that will comfortably and beautifully take care of our basic needs.  The Sophia Lace T-back bra goes one step further with a back hook option that will keep your straps from sneaking out of those cute razor back tanks that are so perfect for layering in the fall.  The plunging neckline and adjustable silhouette gives the Sophia Lace T-Back bra a very modern sensibility while the ultra-soft foam pads and microfiber wings offer comfort you could literally sleep in.

le mystere safari bra

Next up, something still extremely practical and comfortable, but with a little more spice, the Safari T-Shirt Bra!  This bra is designed to scoop your bust in and forward, working just like a push-up, but without the padding.  And I selected it in black because we all know you need a great nude and black option, am I right?  I love the animal print trim on this one.  If you are a little adventurous and don’t mind a peek of your bra showing through a lace cami or white button up shirt (think Carrie Bradshaw), this is the bra for you!

le mystere strapless bra

Now, let’s think special occasions. With the holidays coming up, there will be so many functions and events between work, family and friends that will call for toasting to the season in everything from cocktails dresses to evening gowns.  The perfect compliment to a beautiful dress is the proper undergarments.  Perhaps the most obvious and basic choice that will solve most your dress dilemmas is a good strapless bra that won’t slide down through the night.  The Soiree Strapless offers a seamless finish with a full-coverage and full-support fit that will stay in place all night long.  It also comes with detachable straps if you have a one shoulder top and prefer the extra support.

le mystere infinity bra

Now, for the real magic!  This bra isn’t named ‘Infinite Possibilities‘ for nothing!  This is the bra you need in your wardrobe for all those cute holiday tops and dresses! The six styling options (cami, close back, wide-low back, racerback, crisscross, and halter) will keep you covered all year-long.  With this bra, the possibilities truly are infinite.  Here are a few fun dress examples below where this bra saves the day!

holiday dresses

Photographed by Kate Robinson

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