Hi all – I’m Christine from court + hudson. While Caroline is in Greece reviewing and experiencing all of the places I should and shouldn’t go when my husband Jon and I make our way there NEXT summer, thought I’d pop in and keep all of you great Caroline in the City readers company!

I remember when I first met Caroline, I fell in love with how she wore such classic pieces in modern fashion. A simple sheath dress that she will have forever, paired with a fantastic, glam clutch or a classic white tee and jeans topped with a trendy trench vest.

As a personal style blogger it’s easy to get bogged down in the minutia of fast fashion and “must haves,” but sometimes it’s important to consider the foundations of your wardrobe and how those pieces sit at the core of a great, confident outfit.  So instead of an outfit post, I’ve decided to share with you my top ten closet “classics” that help shape my own wardrobe.

1. A Fitted Blazer
In this case it’s more of a jacket, but I have 5 or 6 blazers that I wear repeatedly and have had for years. A simple fitted structure and classic color can polish even the dowdiest of outfits! A blazer does not have to be an investment, but what does need to be invested in is a good tailor. I have this jacket from H&M and it has become one of my most favorite items, due in large part to the fact that I took it and spent a few extra dollars to have tailored. Even with the extra cost, for the amount I have worn it, the cost per wear is extremely inexpensive.

2. A Structured Satchel

I live for oversized totes and handbags. I seem to schlep my entire apartment with me to work in the morning and I hate looking like a bag lady with twelve mismatched canvas bags. While a newer acquisition, this satchel has become a fast favorite. It’s room, structured and has tons of pockets. An added bonus, the handles are that perfect length of not too long to carry in your hand, but just long enough to swing over your shoulder to free up your arms. A necessity in NYC if you ask me!

3. A Perfect Tee
This one should be a given. Who doesn’t have a soft, cozy tee that they absolutely refuse to part with? Regardless of condition, a simple tee can sometimes make for one killer outfit. Ask (mostly) any guy what his favorite outfit on a woman is and their response would be, a white tee and jeans. I guess that thinking follows along lines of men liking women best when they aren’t wearing much or any makeup. Simple. Natural. Raw. Sometimes in all of the effort of concocting outfits, a simple tee is a nice reprieve.

4. Ballet Flats
Classic or quirky, ballet flats in NYC are my lifesaver. I am also 5’10” so I don’t necessarily always feel the need to look like a sashaying gazelle as I navigate the streets of NY. I can think back to a time when I was younger where I had the HARDEST time finding fashionable flats. Now they are an essential and stylish part of most women’s wardrobes. Don’t get me wrong, you’ll definitely see a pair of heels later in this list, but running in heels is not my MO!

5. Stylish Sunglasses
I do not look good in most sunglasses. I cannot pull off oversized or slouchy aviators – they just don’t mesh well with my face shape. But investing in a pair of sunglasses (even at Forever21!) will be something you can always have. The sunny summer months make them a near necessity, and while it’s always nice to have a fun pair or two, a good pair of glasses can compliment any face shape.

6. A Worn Leather Jacket
Again, whether it cost $50 or $500 a leather (or pleather) jacket can add some serious pizazz and style to a simple outfit. Great for layering during the cooler fall months, you can pair with vests, thin cropped jackets and of course piles of cozy scarves. Not something I necessarily want to take to a tailor ($$$) so it’s important to me to find the perfect fit straight off the rack.

7. A Skinny Jean
How could the perfect pair of denim NOT be included? I have tried all sorts of brands, but a personal favorite of mine are the GAP 1969 legging jean. I wear them 3 out of 4 seasons (don’t bring a pair of skinny pants near me during 90 degree summer days!). Whether with flats or tucked into boots, this pair for me does the trick better than some of the pricier versions I own.

8. A Favorite Fedora
Or any hat that makes you feel great! I never used to be much of a hat wearer as I have the same problem as I do with sunglasses. Most never look quite right, but this fedora (from Target!) has served me well these past few years. Now I just need to find a version suitable for winter and we’ll be golden.

9. A Statement Necklace
I love accessories. I have too many. Including a separate dresser solely for jewelry and second 6 drawer, full of scarves, clutches, tights, belts and more that I’ve collected/thrifted/acquired over the years. But if I had to pick one accessory, it would be a great statement necklace. It makes a bold statement without having to be a main component of one’s outfit. A definite must in my wardrobe, as a feel naked without anything around my neck most days.

10. A Pair of Pumps
In this case, a pair of flashy pumps. A shoe that puts a smile on your face and excited to wear. You see, most would say a pair of classic black would be their essential, but that makes me feel like I’m going into the board room. I would much rather be dressed head to knee black with a peep of punch on my feet. Besides, did anyone’s wardrobe ever suffer with the addition of a little sparkle?

So there you have it, my top ten closet essentials laid out in front of you. Everyone’s will be different, but that’s what I love about personal style — it’s personal! Tell me, what would be your top ten picks from your own closet?