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Landing in New York City was a strange feeling. New York was home to our family just 6 short months ago so I wasn’t sure how I would feel going back. I walked right to our secret cap line at LGA, still no wait. (Yay, I still feel like I am not a tourist!) But, when I didn’t give the cab driver our old address and I had to direct him to my hotel in the Upper West Side, I felt a bit of nostalgia for TriBeCa, our old neighborhood. As we drove closer to the city and I saw a glimpse of the skyline, the old excitement and energy rushed over me. I get it every time I see the skyline. It is true, those lights will inspire you.

My flight was slightly delayed and my schedule was already tight. Between the flight delay and traffic, I had already missed my first show, Kate Spade, before I even reached the hotel. By the time I got checked in and change, I had now missed another presentation. There wasn’t anything I could do except get changed and pick up at the next scheduled stop. So, I headed to Lincoln Center. And on the four block walk from my hotel, it hit me…

It was freezing. I was freezing. Knox would not be happy in New York this winter. He could not play outside the way he can in Houston. We would have to bundle up in so many layers. The parks off the water in TriBeCa are always the coldest! I am so glad we are in Houston now. There, I said it. It’s official. For so many reasons. I love you New York, but you are not home anymore.

After a long weekend in the city, I returned home last night so grateful to be close to our families, living in a house with a backyard, in a wonderful neighborhood, with a car, and a warmer climate.  Houston is now our home, and I couldn’t be happier.

Until next time, NYC.
xo, CHK

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kate spade madison ave. collection stripe lummi topPhotographed by Lydia Hudgens

Outfit details: top: Kate Spade | skirt: Kate Spade | shoes: Joe’s | coat: o/l Cheeky Vintage | sunglasses: similar | handbag: Chanel | bracelet: c/o Brandy Pham | rings: Kate SpadeBaubleBarDana Rebecca

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