I fell in love with this ASOS dress for the embellished collar and sleeves (and for the price tag)! I love the idea of wearing a non-traditional holiday color like this blush pink so you can wear the dress into the New Year without feeling like a Christmas tree. 😉

Speaking of Christmas, tomorrow is the 20th (eek!) and with everything my family had going on the last six weeks, I am SO BEHIND on my Christmas shopping! Seriously. I am locking myself in my office when Knox goes down tonight and to try to knock everything I can out online! If you still have some shopping to do, but are stuck on ideas, be sure to check out my gift tab for some inspiration! I also rounded up my Top 10 List for Neiman Marcus on their blog if you want to check that out, as well!

Happy Friday!
xo, CHK



HOHDec16AsosHoliday5Photographed by Kate Robinson

Outfit details: dress: ASOS | shoes: J.Crew

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