Y’all, I can’t believe that Knox is officially in Kindergarten!! He’s so excited to be at his new school and FMK and I couldn’t be more proud of him. It’s a very emotional and exciting time and I was definitely more nervous than he was the first day, but shockingly I was too excited for him to cry.

We’ve been busy crossing off our school supplies list and getting back-to-school clothes over the past two weeks. I’ve been taking advantage of Walmart’s 2-Day Delivery and online shop that makes it easy to browse items by grade and to get last minute items without having to leave the house! You may have seen in my recent post that we picked up all of the boys’ craft supplies from Walmart. Today I wanted to share with you their new backpacks, lunch boxes, snack essentials, and school clothes that we scored at Walmart as well! If you’re still on the hunt for last-minute school essentials, be sure to read on and shop my recs below!

To be completely honest, I was shocked to find the price and quality of Wal-Mart’s school uniform section. They have the softest polos under $5 and performance shorts for under $10! Knox can only wear red and navy at his school, but I got several colors for Andrew and I am dropping them off at the monogram shop to give them a little personalization. 😉 When you need FIVE of the same thing for little boys you really can’t beat Wal-Mart uniforms. They are also perfect to leave at the school for their ‘extra’ set of clothes in case accident or spills happen.

We also had so much fun shopping the backpacks and lunch boxes. This cute dinosaur one ($12!) was the final winner, but there were so many cute options that it was a hard decision.

As you can see, the boys are beyond excited for school to start. Knox couldn’t wait to be at his new school and Andrew wants to do all the things that his big brother does! Andrew’s school starts this week and it will be very quiet over here! It’s always bittersweet when summer ends but I’m excited to get back into a normal work routine.

Best of luck with your kiddos’ first days back at school!

Thank you, Walmart, for partnering with us on this post and helping us get back-to-school ready!