It’s funny how certain things about pregnancy change your second time around, for me anyway. For one, this pregnancy is flying by!  I counted every week and read so many pregnancy books the first time around and now I kind of feel like I already ‘know’ what is going on with my body so I am just rushing through our busy life – almost – as normal, just with a bigger mid-section.  (Of course, I am still taking the necessary precautions, excluding certain foods from my diet, etc. but you get the idea.)


Another mindset that has already changed this pregnancy is my wardrobe.  For some (unknown) reason, when I was pregnant with Knox I unofficially decided I didn’t need to go maternity shopping. I was on a mission to find ‘regular’ clothes that could work for my new, growing baby bump. I guess I thought I was too cool for maternity as a New Yorker who worked in the fashion industry and had a fashion blog on the side.  For the most part, it can be very doable when it comes to flowy tops, summer maxis, etc. But, there are some things I now believe you are only doing yourself a (uncomfortable) disservice by not addressing.



For starters, let’s talk maternity jeans.  Pregnancy #1, I just wore my regular jeans / pants with a bellyband around the waist so I didn’t have to button them.  I didn’t realize what I was missing until I went to my local A Pea in the Pod® store last week.  Their sweet staff totally took care of me!  I basically hung out in the fitting room while they educated me on the proper denim fit (stick your fist down the side leg of your pant leg and see how far you can stretch the denim.  You don’t want to have much stretch here, if you do – size down) and brought me multiple styles and sizes to try.  (They even somehow guessed my denim size before I even tried anything on!)  I was so obsessed with the different fits, washes and styles I tried on that I came home with three new pairs!  I opted for these grey skinny jeans (because I have been crushing on this wash for so long and hadn’t purchased it yet), a more casual distressed denim with a cuffed ankle for everyday and a classic dark wash skinny jean that can easily be dressed up or down.  Now, having experienced the fit of a good maternity jean, I don’t want to ever take them off!


I paired my new denim with a classic black top here.  I am a pretty classic dresser in general, but especially during pregnancy.  To maximize your pregnancy wardrobe, invest in a few versatile tops in black, white, denim, etc. that you can easily mix and match and switch up with accessories.  This way you won’t feel like you are wearing the same outfit your whole pregnancy, even if it does make its way into the weekly rotation (like I know this shirt will)!



The second (and just as important) piece of clothing that I think it is necessary to purchase in a true maternity fit is workout gear.  Let’s be honest, working out while pregnant can be uncomfortable anyway.  Why add to your discomfort trying to squeeze into a pair of pre-pregnancy yoga pants?!  These Beyond the Bump By Beyond Yoga tank top and leggings are so comfortable and have a flattering fit meant for all your new curves.  The material stretches without leaving you feeling confined and is so comfortable you could literally sleep in them!



Sorry, you don’t get a picture to accompany this tip, but the last and certainly not least reason to go in and meet with the sweet knowledgeable staff at A Pea in the Pod is for a bra fitting.  The fact is our breast change during and after pregnancy, but so many women keep wearing the same bra.  And it’s a bad fit.  And it looks like a bad fit through your clothes.  I know we sometimes think these things that are not necessarily seen are okay to skip on, but a good bra fit truly does change the fit of your clothes.  The ladies in the store fitted me and, of course, I was wearing the wrong size.  They brought in several popular styles for me to try on and the fit made such a big difference that I left with three new great bras that also have nursing capabilities so they will be helpful in the months to come after delivery, as well.


I promise not to preach about what you need anymore. 😉  But, it really was an amazing experience with so many cute options.  I am so glad maternity clothes have changed over the years so we can still feel like ourselves during these beautiful 9 months.  I know I talked a lot about my experience with the maternity basics today, but I just want to say they definitely had great occasion dresses, work wear and more!  I even found the cutest tunic / dress for Knox’s barnyard birthday party this weekend!

Photographed by Kate Robinson Photography

This post is brought to you in partnership with A Pea In the Pod.  Thank you for supporting the brands that help make HOUSE of HARPER possible!