The importance of water intake is unquestionable. We hear how staying hydrated effects everything from our skin, our weight and our overall health, but what we don’t often discuss is what is the best way to consume the water that is so important in our every day lives.

There is an overwhelming abundance of options when it comes to water from inconvenient (lugging cases home from the grocery store with two kids in tow) and environmentally harmful bottled water and pitchers that endlessly need to be refilled containing filters that need to be changed monthly (who can remember that?!).

For these reasons, Kinetico Kube intrigued me. Using Kube gives me the convenience of full-flow filtered water straight from our tap. We were easily able to connect it under the sink so I don’t have any visible contraptions on our faucet or counter top and it doesn’t take up space in our refrigerator.  Not to mention, we now have an unlimited supply of cleaner water at our fingertips with no waiting! Oh, and you don’t need to think about changing out your filters for an average of 12 months! But there’s no need to worry about when it’s time, the accurate and easy to read monitors will let you know when it’s time.

If you are wondering why you need a filtered water system in the first place, I think you may be surprised at what can be found in most tap water. Even if you don’t know what half of the things are, it’s nice to know Kube has you covered. Kube significantly reduces the chlorine, heavy metals, pharmaceuticals, gasoline additives, microbial cysts, particulates, industrial pollutants, pesticides and herbicides from your tap water while keeping the important things like Fluoride. If this list overwhelms you, just know it filters out 99.1% of lead, a growing concern amongst most people on city water. I also have an added sense of security knowing Kube is made by Kinetico, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of water treatment products for residential and commercial use serving nearly 100 countries.

Now that I know WHY we need Kube in our home and have it CONNECTED, I am excited to share HOW we are living with it and using it in our everyday lives with you soon! Stay tuned!

The Kube is certified by the Water Quality Association (WQA), an independent, globally respected certification lab that tests and issues certifications for contaminant removal, performance claims and material quality.

This post was created in collaboration with Kube. Thank you for supporting the products and brands we love at HOUSE of HARPER!

Video by Cody Bess