They say April showers bring May flowers, but it’s hard to remember the good things that come from all the rain when you get stuck indoors with an active toddler. This month, I teamed up with Fisher-Price to help make the indoors a little more fun come all those rainy days we have ahead of us.  (Did you know Houston actually has a higher average rain fall per year than Seattle?!)

Since we moved into a new home, we always have a project in the works and Knox likes having his own, too. His favorite is playing with the tools on his workbench, using the hammer and pretending to drill. In this one workbench, he can pound, tap, spin, slide and drill while discovering the alphabet, counting, shapes, colors, opposites and actions!






 Knox is getting to the age where he understands and loves playing games with me. It started with chase around the kitchen island or through the halls, but Red Light, Green Light this adds a whole new element of surprise. He gets the giggles every time! Plus, it’s imperative for kids’ well-being to run off some of that extra energy from being stuck indoors.  You can find more fun, free indoor activities here.





Cook up some fun with your little ones!  On days when Knox is stuck inside all day, he can get extra fussy and clingy. When I need to get something done – like cook dinner – it’s fun to let him feel involved, too. We pretend to cook together while Knox plays with his own kitchen and I finish up our real meal.

Photographed by Kate Robinson

This post is brought to you in partnership with Fisher-Price.  Thank you for supporting the brands that help make HOUSE of HARPER possible!